Bar Soap is Back in Style

Bar Soap is Back in Style

Skin Deep "Bar Soap Sheds Its Irritating Image"

Like many other personal grooming products... soap has gotten a makeover, shedding preservatives, chemicals, and fragrance. And at a time when natural and organic are prized, bars seem to fit the bill...

''I feel a bar gives you better control,'' Ms. Gillman said. ''It lasts longer and it doesn't have the slimy consistency of liquid cleaners. I also like to feel the heaviness of a bar in my hand. There's something soothingly tactile about it.''

Dr. Dennis Gross, a dermatologist in New York, said: ''People now have a choice on what delivery method they prefer. Many are choosing to go back to a bar. Companies are making them because overall they are more economical, have more environmentally friendly packaging and there's a demand for it.''

...''Bar soaps are hygienic because they contain no water, which is required for bacterial growth,'' Ms. Halls said. ''Liquid soaps are predominantly water, a breeding ground for bacteria, and so they require chemical preservatives.''

... soap sales seem to be on the rise.

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