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We’re excited to introduce our NEW Certified Organic, 100% plastic-free, plant-based Honey Lip Balm! Made and packaged without any plastic or petroleum-derived components, this is an environmentally friendly, sustainably-crafted solution to the plastic lip balm tube problem.

Made from plant cellulose that is reclaimed from agricultural waste, our Honey Lip Balm tube is 100% plastic-free, manufactured entirely using solar power, and is completely free from polymers, petrochemicals, and heavy metal byproducts. Even the label is plastic-free! These tubes look, feel, and function like a traditional lip balm tube and help keep single-use plastics out of the waste stream while reducing carbon emissions and fossil fuel usage.

Not only is our Honey Lip Balm good for the environment - it’s good for you, too! Certified Organic and made with lip-loving sunflower seed, olive, and hemp oils with beeswax and honey, our Honey Lip Balm glides on smoothly and leaves your lips silky soft.


Made entirely of reclaimed agricultural plant waste.


Free of plastic, petroleum, polymer, and heavy metals; helping our planet.


Fully recyclable tube through our partnership with TerraCycle®.

Bee kind to your lips -and the environment.

Made out of plant material, our Honey Lip Balm is USDA certified organic and leaves a lasting impact on our planet.

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What Makes This Lip Balm So Special?

Plastic lip balm tubes create a lot of waste - over half a million are sold daily, and many are not recycled (they’re too small of a piece of material to be easily recycled with the rest of your paper and plastic products). For a while paper lip balm tubes were the only eco-friendly alternative; however, these get oily and degrade with use, easily melt, and are unhygienic as water can permeate the paper.

The bio-tube of our new Honey Lip Balm looks, feels, and operates like a traditional plastic tube, without the wastefulness of single-use plastics. Once you are finished with your tube, send it directly to our store through the mail. We will collect the empty tubes and send them to be properly recycled with our partnership with TerraCycle®.

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-Kara Brook Brown


These tubes are made entirely of reclaimed agricultural plant waste. The cellulose is removed from plant byproducts and molded into tubes. This process is entirely plastic, petroleum, polymer, and heavy metal-free.

To recycle this product, send us the empty tube via snail mail. We will collect tubes and send them to be properly recycled via our partnership with TerraCycle®.