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Our Mission

Self-Care Guided by the Seasons

Nature’s recipe for harmony and vitality for mind, body, spirit, and colony

At Bee Inspired®, our unwavering dedication revolves around the honeybee. From the meticulously chosen ingredients we utilize to the powerful message we strive to convey within our community, everything centers on these extraordinary pollinators who offer an inspiring connection with nature and the seasons.

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Living in the Seasons

Seasonal Vitality is the Ultimate Self-Care

Living seasonally is about embracing the gifts that each season offers. Harmony and alignment with nature are the gifts you give yourself and the ones you love. Bees lead us through the seasons with their harvest and honey production.

We're here to help with seasonally inspired goods and self-care routines that enable you to easily embrace nature’s wisdom and rhythm.

  • Wild-crafted honey and tea that energizes and refreshes your systems
  • Candles scented with the nectar from each Season’s bounty
  • Artisanal body products created with the scents and ingredients of each Season
  • Easy to follow Guides to maximize enjoyment

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What we put in and, on our bodies, contributes to our wellbeing. Our Farm to Table delicacies nourish you on the inside, from Artisanal Teas, healthy snacks, and to our wild-crafted Eastern Shore Honey… while our luxurious Farm to Body products clean and hydrate your outer layer with nature-loving body scrubs, masks, and lip balms which are all made by hand.


Made with 100% American-grown soy wax, our artisan-crafted Farm to Home candles are phthalate-free, clean burning, delightfully scented, and hand-poured into reusable vessels which are good for our Earth, and easily reusable for many purposes.

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Color inspires creativity and awakens passion.

We showcase the vibrant and imaginative colorways and textures of Kara’s encaustic monotypes in our packaging to add to your excitement and joy in seeing and opening our products. We want your fun to begin the moment you see and touch our Bee Inspired Goods. 

If you wish, you may also choose exclusive edition prints of Kara’s art in handmade museum-quality frames to adorn your sanctuary spaces. We believe that beautiful and bright colors inspire harmony and illuminate life.

Who needs a little color, light, or health right now?

Who doesn’t? Honey is a gift from nature that enlivens our senses, health, and spirit with goodness and ancient wisdom. Shower yourself or someone close and dear to you with honey and bee-inspired goods. Be nature’s agent and deliver this gift near and far. It will always be well-received.

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Life is full of occasions worth celebrating!

At Bee Inspired Goods, we believe that each day is a gift and every milestone is an opportunity for celebration. Our collection is designed to cater to all of life’s special moments and the celebrations they warrant. Life is an ensemble of events, big and small, that weave the tapestry of your story. Whether it's embarking on an exciting girls trip, toasting to a well-deserved promotion, or showering love during your best friend's wedding, we have a sweet gift that commemorates every joyous event.

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