Citrus Collection

Citrus Collection

When Life Gives You Lemons

Add a little honey & tea, light a candle and enjoy self-care guided by the seasons. It’s officially citrus season at Bee Inspired.

Light our Ruby Red Grapefruit candle and close your eyes. Feel the candle’s warmth like the summer sun. Spoon our Florida Orange Raw Honey into your mouth and savor the scent, the flavor, and the rich, thick slide of amazing goodness down your throat. Continue your escape with Citrus Blossom Body Scrub and Body Butter, and finish with a steaming cup of Sunrise Tea. That is true Self-Care, guided by the seasons – even if you cheat a bit with your temporary virtual experience in a warmer season. Aaah! Both men and women enjoy this fragrance profile.

Our Collection showcases the vibrant and zesty essence of lemons, tempered perfectly with the sweet nectar of orange blossom honey, and the room-energizing scent of ruby red grapefruit. From tangy and tart Lemon Lip Gloss to Citrus Blossom Body Butter and Scrub, our irresistibly fragranced bath and body products will leave you feeling renewed, with glowing, revitalized soft-to-the-touch skin.

citrus body butter on wood with geranium petals
Ruby Red Grapefruit jelly jar candle flat lay with grapefruit slices

Speaking of glowing, our ruby red grapefruit scented soy candle emanates a refreshing aroma and warm glow, giving you a sense of comfort and luxury. Each of our candles is crafted with natural soy wax and premium quality oils, ensuring that the scent lasts long and is gentle on the environment. 

Did you know the role of honeybees and citrus fruit?

Honeybees play a vital role in our ecosystem, and without them, citrus fruits would be nonexistent. These hardworking pollinators are instrumental in ensuring the growth and abundance of these fruits, making them an integral part of our well-being and enjoyment.

honeybee on orange blossom

Indulge your taste buds with our delectable range of sweet treats, including mouth-watering Lemon Lollipops, bursting with flavor and the perfect pick-me-up for when your energy levels are flagging. Or why not try our Bees Knees Gift, an exquisite selection of honey and tea that pairs perfectly with orange blossom honey? Our citrus collection is sure to please.


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What our customers say


This orange blossom honey is a wonderful complement to my morning orange pekoe tea. It sweetens without overpowering the tea. And I can use less of it than sugar.

Judith A.

This [Orange Blossom Honey] was a gift for a loved one. They couldn’t wait to call and tell me how much they love it.


[Citrus Blossom] Butter is fantastic! It is the smell of a spring/summer day. I use it morning and night. It’s wonderful skin softening qualities combined with the delicate scent are just heaven when you slather it on.


Got a big burst of oranges with every teaspoon in this one. This may be some of the very best orange blossom honey I've ever tasted.

Jerry F.

I tried the [Citrus Blossom] body butter, and HAD to get the scrub. It's fresh, with just the right amount of fancy - geranium is a such a fun change of pace! I will definitely buy this again.

Kathleen J.

The body butter is great - keeps me from having dry flaky skin in the winter and all year. The [Citrus Blossom] scent is so pleasant. It reminds me of a wonderful summer morning! I highly recommend it.

Lisa L.

I love my [Citrus Blossom] Butter. It leaves a beautifully subtle fragrance on my skin after a shower.

Cynthia P.