Bee Inspired Honey Lollipops

Honey Lollipops

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“These Honey Lollipops are Heaven on a Stick”

Honey Lollipops, where sweetness meets sophistication – handcrafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Made with the purest ingredients, devoid of high fructose corn syrup, and delicately sweetened with honey and organic sugar, our lollipops are not just treats but a celebration of artisanal excellence. This gourmet treat isn't just a sweet; it's versatile in its charm. Dress up your event invitations, enhance your gifts, or elevate party table settings, with eight distinctive flavors to choose from, they're as lovely to gaze upon as they are indulgent to savor.

Crafted with Care, Loved by Many

Despite their popularity – with nearly 100,000 made each year – our commitment to a hands-on approach remains unwavering. Every piece is still handmade, ensuring that human touch that makes all the difference. It's not just candy; it's our craft.

Double Wrapped, Doubly Delightful

Our lollipops are wrapped twice to ensure they reach you just as we intended – fresh and safe. Food safety is our top priority, and our twice-wrapping process guarantees that.

Something for Everyone

Suited for candy lovers of all walks and ages, our lollipops are a hit with health-conscious individuals and food enthusiasts. It's the perfect combination of guilt-free pleasure and scrumptious taste.

Try Them All, Find Your Favorite!

We know a single flavor isn't enough to appease the curious taste buds. That's why we've created the ultimate lollipop sampler. With our unique blend of natural ingredients, handmade dedication, and innovative flavors, your sweet cravings have met their match. Whether adorning the tables of your special day or simply to sweeten your daily routine, our honey lollipops promise a taste of heaven with every lick.

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What’s in your lollipop

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    Made with love in the USA

  • Black earth with plant sprout icon on white background

    Made without high fructose corn syrup

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    Made with natural flavorings

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    Made by hand by a dedicated team of artisans.

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    Certified OU Kosher

What our customers say


So Delicious! I love the Lavender with my tea and they are so good when you just need a sweet treat. They also make a perfect addition to a gift box or bag. Very pleased with this purchase & recommend them highly! Yummy


I originally received these delicious lollipops from a friend as a gift. They were so good that I ordered more. My son also loves these pops so I will keep ordering. Absolutely the best honey lemon lollipops!


This is a beautiful product and a fantastic gift. Such a treat. The lavender for me just bumps it up from yum to heaven.


These are too amazing for words! I thought I had a favorite with the plain honey pops but the added lavender really makes these special. I have given them for gifts and everyone who receives them loves them! Highly recommend!

Linda L