Bee Inspired Honey Lollipops

Honey Lollipops

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With our Honey Lollipops, you can indulge in honey's sweet and natural taste in a fun and convenient form. Our honey lollipops are made with raw honey and other natural ingredients, providing a healthier alternative to traditional candy. We offer a variety of honey lollipop flavors, including original honey, lavenderblueberry, lemon, vanilla, and cinnamon each providing a unique taste experience. We created a variety bag so that you may pick your favorite flavor. Ginger and chocolate dipped are seasonal flavors that launch in the winter months.

What Our Customers Say


So Delicious! I love the Lavender with my tea and they are so good when you just need a sweet treat. They also make a perfect addition to a gift box or bag. Very pleased with this purchase & recommend them highly! Yummy


I originally received these delicious lollipops from a friend as a gift. They were so good that I ordered more. My son also loves these pops so I will keep ordering. Absolutely the best honey lemon lollipops!


This is a beautiful product and a fantastic gift. Such a treat. The lavender for me just bumps it up from yum to heaven.


These are too amazing for words! I thought I had a favorite with the plain honey pops but the added lavender really makes these special. I have given them for gifts and everyone who receives them loves them! Highly recommend!

Linda L

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