Spring Awakening

Rejuvenate + Connect

Bloom into the season & experience the magic of Spring Awakening with the Bee Inspired Living Seasonally DIY Home Spa Treatments

Allow yourself to experience the emergence of Spring in mind, body and spirit. Imagine yourself awakening to a beautiful garden of blossoming flowers, alive with vibrant colors and fragrant aromas. The intrinsic nature of Spring commences the gentle reprise of energy and a reorientation of the senses. The Bee Inspired Rose Garden Collection embodies the true essence of this season with an aromatic bouquet of rose, geranium, and lavender sure to delight the senses and nourish your well-being.

“Drawing inspiration from the bounty of nature and the honeybee, we create products that nurture your inner and outer beauty with Farm to Body® ingredients sourced from the earth. I hope you'll enjoy the expansive energy and beauty of our apiary in each Bee Inspired® product.”

Kara Brook Brown

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Living Seasonally Mantras

  • Mind

    Encourage your dreams
    to break through into the light of day.

  • Body

    Detoxify your body and activate energy flow to clarify your senses.

  • Spirit

    Be amazed by how far you've come and believe in living out your purpose.

  • Colony

    Sow seeds of new life. Plant something that supports bees in Spring.

Step 1

Set an intention

Set aside personal time to begin your Spring Awakening spa treatment. Begin by lighting a Bee Inspired French Lavender Luxe Candle and set an intention for yourself for this treatment and for the season. Continue the ritual by brewing a warm fragrant cup of Bee Inspired Artisanal Good Night Tea, and if you like it sweet like the season, add a dollop of Bee Inspired Spring Blossom Honey.  

Step 2 

Exfoliate Your Body

Increase circulation and release your outer layers with an enlivening full-body exfoliation with Rose Garden Body Scrub. A nutritive blend of honey crystals and replenishing seed oils loaded with vitamins A, C and E, work in tandem with rose, geranium, and lavender will rejuvenate lackluster skin leaving you to feel supple and anew.

Directions: Apply the scrub to the body on damp skin in swift, circular motions working upwards from your extremities towards the heart to stimulate lymphatic flow. Allow the crystals and rich emollients to rest and absorb on the skin for maximum benefit. Rinse off with warm water, towel dry, and apply Bee Inspired Rose Garden Body Butter or rinse off only and proceed to Step 3. 

Step 3

Purify Your Face & Body

Spring is the perfect time of year to purge, detoxify, and start anew. Think: spring cleaning! Bee Inspired Clarity Mask, made with refining mineral clays, soothing colloidal oats, and conditioning and hydrating coconut milk is suitable for all skin types and can be used on the body and face to draw out stagnant energy and impurities.

Directions: Combine 2 parts of Bee Inspired Clarity Mask powder to 1 part liquid *mixer and blend well. Apply the freshly blended mask onto your face and/or body for 10-15 minutes or until dry. Rinse off with warm water, towel dry, and apply Bee Inspired Rose Garden Body Butter or rinse off only and proceed to Step 4. 

* Warm Bee Inspired Artisanal Good Night Tea, purified water, plain Greek yogurt, and Bee Inspired Spring Blossom Honey are all suitable liquid mixers for this mask. 

Step 4


Dim the lights. Turn on some relaxing tunes. Submerge yourself in a warm bath with Rose Garden Bath Soak. Allow yourself to completely unwind into this luxurious blend of Himalayan salt, pure essential oils, and ground rose petals all working in tandem to relax the body and replenish vital minerals. 

Directions: Add 4-6 tablespoons of Rose Garden Bath Soak to a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes for maximum absorption. For optimal results, follow with a cool shower rinse.

Step 5


Endow your skin in soothing delight with Rose Garden Body Butter. A nourishing combination of plant butters, natural honey, delicate rose, and gentle lavender essences are formulated to absorb easily, leaving your skin feeling soft and silky.

Directions: Massage onto your freshly cleansed body to lock in hydration and softness all day. Reapply on especially dry areas like knees, elbows, and hands or any time you need additional moisture or an aromatherapeutic lift!

What Our Customers Say


I absolutely love using the spa body scrub every evening in the shower. It gives me a soft and relaxed feel. I tried it a few years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since!

Natalie H.

Obsessed with this facial oil! I apply it at night and when I wake up, it makes my face glow! The perfect amount of moisture and makes a great base before I apply my makeup.


I LOVE Spa scrub and body butter! I’ve been using Kara’ products for several years now, and they all have such a wonderful texture and scent, and they work!! I’ve turned all my friends into [Bee Inspired] addicts :)

Christina D.

This product is so amazing! The texture of [Rose Garden] Body Butter is so soft and luxurious on your skin it melts in - hydrating everywhere you use it. There is no sticky feeling and you can get dressed right away!

Judy B.

I was lucky enough to get a body wrap treatment at Cliff House's spa... it was so fantastic, I asked what product they used and it was [Rose Garden Body Butter]. I ordered my own jar, and now I can remember that perfect spa day with this beautiful earthy rose scent. the lotion is rich but not greasy, perfect for hands at bedtime.


The Spa Soak is fabulous! What a great way to relax after sports or a workout.


I love this scrub! I use it everywhere, and it makes my face feel amazing and glow! I have sensitive skin and this makes it feel hydrated and soft without agitating! Hands down the best scrub out there!


Yes, Queen. This. The crown jewel of beauty products! Luxurious, with an enchanting fragrance, [Rose Garden Face Oil] is a dream come true... It’s my birthday splurge each year, and it’s the perfect finishing touch to feel absolutely royal!

Jennifer M.