Screwdriver Cocktail Reimagined as a Hive Libation

Screwdriver Cocktail Reimagined as a Hive Libation

The classic screwdriver cocktail was the brunch gathering main-stay for most of my youth and was born in the late 1940s. Over time creative mixologists made this classic cocktail in many variations. I recall some made with soda water or a splash of bubbly made for a spirited family gathering. The classic screwdriver has always been made with just two ingredients: vodka and orange juice.

We’ve been experimenting with cocktails made with tea

We think that tea goes well with honey and spirits. Enter “Hive Libation,” featuring a range of citrus ingredients, sweetened with honey syrup and finished with a dash of matcha powder for a green tea nose. We looked to the apiary for inspiration for this new and reimagined version.

Screwdriver cocktail on kitchen counter with garnish with lemons, oranges, and grand marnier

How to make a Classic Screwdriver Cocktail Reimagined as a “Hive Libation”

Step One

Add a dollop of honey and hot water into a shaker, and stir until honey is dissolved.

adding bourbon to shaker for honey and bourbon drink

Step Two

Add the vodka, Grand Marnier, lime juice, orange juice with ice, and shake vigorously until well-chilled.

Screwdriver cocktail being poured into chilled glass on kitchen counter

Step Three

Strain into a cocktail glass.

Step Four

Top with a pinch of matcha tea, garnish and serve.

Screwdriver cocktail up close with orange peel garnish

Play with this Screwdriver Cocktail Recipe

It wouldn’t be a Bee Inspired recipe if we didn’t challenge those ingredients a bit, so in our take, you guessed it, we’ve added honey and made it a little more interesting.

  • Try lemon juice or lime juice with the citrus mix
  • Garnish with fresh-picked mint or basil from the garden
  • Top with/muddle fresh ginger slices

If you are interested in making other cocktails with honey, we've created so many cocktails with honey for you to try! This mojito is made with honey or this blossoms and bourbon cocktail!

If you decide to try this classic screwdriver recipe, be sure to take a photo and share them with us using #beeinspired on Instagram. We love hearing from you and seeing what you do with our recipes to make them your own!