Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary Gifts

Gifts and Activities you can do together

Celebrate your love story with a sweet, unique twist from nature

Surprise them on their anniversary with unique gifts and activities from Bee Inspired! Find remarkable wedding anniversary ideas here. For their first anniversary, go for paper. Second anniversary? Look for something in a cotton sack! Celebrating 50 years? Aim for gold, as in Tupelo Honey! Show them how much you care with creative and heartfelt gifts from nature, every year.


    Discover the top traditional anniversary gifts, arranged by year:

    1st anniversary?
    - Choose an art print and write a heartfelt love note.
    2nd anniversary?
    - Enjoy our Farm to Body Gift and plan on using it together.
    3rd anniversary?
    - Indulge in our Honey Royale Gift Set and experience the sweetest love.
    5th anniversary?
    - Treat yourselves to a personalized cutting board from Words with Boards.
    10th anniversary?
    - Unwind with a spa candle and complete with a soothing massage.

    Every Bee-yond the Moment™ gift purchase supports one of our amazing philanthropies.

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