Celebrate the Season with an Apple Harvest Party!

Celebrate the Season with an Apple Harvest Party!

Apples are one of the most versatile fruits, and nothing celebrates their abundance in autumn like an apple harvest party. Whether you’re hosting a backyard bash or just a small gathering of friends, an apple harvest party will surely be a hit. Here’s how to make your party the talk of the season.

apples on the tree just ripe for picking
Eastern Shore apple tree

Invitations and Decorations

Start your apple-themed shindig by sending out some festive invitations. You can get creative with this part; if you’re feeling crafty, try making invitations that look like apples or use paper cutouts in the shape of leaves – there are plenty of ideas online for inspiration. When it comes to decorations, please keep it simple with seasonal flowers and include lots of apples! Place them in bowls and arrange them on tables for added color and texture; you can use different varieties for added visual appeal. And don’t forget about your outdoor area; add strings of lights and hang lanterns from trees to create a cozy atmosphere.

apple picking celebration with pressed cider
Party with every kind of apple you can imagine

Autumn is for Apples. Red ones. Green ones. And red and green ones.

Today we attended an Eastern Shore apple harvest party. Neighbors gathered and collected apples in bushel baskets; cases of jugs were waiting to be filled while men, women, boys, and girls took turns twisting, spinning, and loading apples into the press, then pouring the bounty into half-gallon jugs for guests to take home. I asked what kind of apples they were, and the best answer I got was, “red ones and green ones!” The orchard is so old nobody knows what type of apples were planted, but there were many of them to enjoy. It was a beautiful community get-together.

Old Fashioned Apple press making apple cider
Everyone took turns with this old-fashioned apple press

Food & Drinks

An apple-based feast is a perfect way to celebrate the harvest season. Offer showstopping dishes such as roasted pork chops with applesauce or fried chicken topped with fresh apple slices. You can also serve festive drinks like mulled cider or homemade apple martinis! For dessert, try serving up a classic like an Apple Pie or something fun and nostalgic like Chocolate Sticky Apples – yum! If you want something more savory, serve up some creamy Apple Cheddar Soup followed by warm Baked Apples – these are sure to be crowd-pleasers!

apple harvest party on the eastern shore
Decorations included seasonal Flower arrangements and pecan tree cuttings

Games & Activities

Of course, no party is complete without some fun activities! Set up an apple bobbing station for kids and adults alike – don’t forget to provide towels for drying off afterward! Try playing a game of “pin the stem on the apple” (make sure everyone gets at least one turn!) or have guests take turns peeling apples as quickly as they can (the winner gets first dibs on dessert!). Finish your night by having everyone share their favorite memories involving apples – this is sure to bring lots of laughter and good vibes.

No Apple Harvest Party on the shore would be complete without golf cart tours of the farm

No matter what type of celebration you plan, an apple harvest party is always an excellent choice! With its delicious food offerings, festive decorations, and fun activities, your guests will talk about your event long after it ends. So go ahead and start planning your own fantastic apple harvest party now!

Honey baked apples being filled with honey