Eastern Shore Life | Part Five: Kent Island Test Kitchen

Eastern Shore Life | Part Five: Kent Island Test Kitchen

So much of what we do at Bee Inspired revolves around testing things. Whether it be cooking up new yummy foods and drinks, or concocting new products in our lab right in our Honey House in Owings Mills. Just today, we were smelling what seemed to be a hundred new fragrances trying to find what could be a new addition to our fragrance family. Our goal is to make the best products, and foodie creations, for you.

The team at Bee Inspired does a lot of cooking, especially with our Eastern Shore Honey. During the summer, we created a bunch of new recipes in our Kent Island kitchen. Some of them turned out amazing, although some did need a little tweaking to come up to par. We'd like to show you what goes on inside our test kitchen so you can get a little taste of everything that we have to offer.

Dinner on Kent Island

We crafted many of our new recipes during and after our summer harvest, when the whole team is together to help cook and taste test. One excellent recipe we made was our Shrimp Stir Fry, which was sooooo easy to cook up.

Honey garlic shrimp stirfry

We were originally going to use snap peas or green beans, but decided on asparagus for a little more crunch and heirloom cherry tomatoes for color.

Honey lime shrimp stir fry made with Eastern Shore Honey

Cocktails and More

We also played barista for a few days and made a few drinks. Lots of fruit when into our cocktails-we really like adding peaches and limes to vodka drinks to give them a kiss of summer.

Cooking behind the scenes

Even outtakes can be beautiful. Sometimes you can spend hours staging and shooting a single shot, but you just stumble onto something gorgeous that you created by accident-who knew that a messy countertop could look so pretty?

kitchen counter with a jar of honey, sliced lemons, and bottle of liquor