Deep Clean the Skin–Guilt-Free with Vegan Detox Mask

Deep Clean the Skin–Guilt-Free with Vegan Detox Mask

The holidays and stress always take a toll on us: between running back and forth to see family, all of the good food (and unhealthy eating), and the crazy traffic leaves us feeling drained. To top it off, all this stress makes for a less than perfect complexion. That's why it's important to stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep (at least try), and have a good skincare routine. Purify your skin and give your complexion a boost with our small batch Detox Face Mask. Made with a blend of pure+gentle clays and botanicals, this mask is vegan, 79% organic, and great for sensitive skin.

Blended Detox Mask in small green mixing bowl and spoon.

Start your New Year with a Detox

This mask works by gently pulling away impurities like dirt and pollutants off of your skin's surface and pores. Activated charcoal is like a magnet for pollutants: each molecule is highly porous, which allows the charcoal to absorb grime. Combine this with the soothing botanicals in the mask, and you have a fantastic treatment for dull-looking skin.

Blackberry extract provides this mask with a punch of vitamin C, which brightens and hydrates the skin. After using this mask, gently wash the skin with warm water, tone, and apply a few drops of our Bee Inspired Facial Oil to hydrate the skin all day long. This oil is also packed with vitamin C and hydrating triglycerides that protect the skin from dry air and heat.

Blackberries and coconut for our Detox Mask on a tray with a spoonful of honey

Use this mask weekly to improve your skin's resilience and tone. We love to mix it with green tea, a little raw honey, and plain Greek yogurt for an antioxidant-rich spa treatment at home. Show us your favorite way to blend our Detox Mask on Instagram. We love seeing your photos!