Celebrating Citrus Season

Celebrating Citrus Season

Transition from winter to spring with the Bee Inspired Citrus Collection. This collection captures the essence of abundant citrus fruits in products that invigorate your senses and daily routine. Whether you're a fan of citrus, eco-conscious, or a skincare connoisseur, there's something to brighten your day. Explore our citrus-infused listicle for this season's must-haves!

Woman drinking tea with oranges in the background

1. From the Grove to Your Home: Orange Blossom Honey

Experience the Vibrant Zest of Orange

Florida Orange Blossom Honey is more than just a sweetener. It's a symbol of warmer months with its floral notes and golden color. This honey from the Bee Inspired Citrus Collection is not only great for sweetening tea or adding to cocktails, but it's also perfect for your skin. The Orange Honey Stick is a convenient on-the-go companion that provides sweetness and the benefits of honey wherever you are.


  • Rich in antioxidants, leaving you with healthy, glowing skin
  • Portable honey stick makes it ideal for travel or to enjoy at work
  • Versatile - use in cooking, skincare, or straight from the stick for a quick treat
Florida Orange Blossom Honey sitting next to a tea pot and a lit Luxe Candle from Bee Inspired

2. Inspired by Southern Women: The Citrus Blossom Collection

Bask in the Southern Sun with Citrus Blossom

The Bee Inspired Citrus Blossom Duo is an ode to Southern charm, crafted with the sunny disposition of the region's citrus groves. The light, fresh fragrance combined with body-loving ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil makes this collection a must for your skincare shelf. Pair the Citrus Blossom Body Scrub with the Body Butter for a full pampering session that will leave your skin as soft as a spring breeze.


  • Organic and natural, promoting sustainability and your well-being
  • Save money and double the hydration and care when used together
  • The uplifting fragrance is perfect for an energizing morning routine
Citrus Blossom Honey Body Scrub and Butter stacked on top of each other

3. Oh How Sweet: Lemon Honey Lollipops

A Twirl of Honey and Lemon Goodness

Bee Inspired Citrus Collection's Lemon Lollipops are more than candy; they bring joy on a stick. Enjoy them alone or share a sweet moment with a friend. These lollipops evoke nostalgia and add delight to your everyday. Stir one into tea for a honey and lemon delight, or place them in Easter baskets for a delightful twist.


  • Made with natural flavors and honey for a healthier treat
  • Perfect to stir into hot drinks for a soothing combo
  • Shares a smile, one lollipop at a time

Lemon Honey Lollipops by Bee Inspired on top of fresh lemon slices

4. Fresh and Cheerful: Citrus Candles

Illuminate Your Space

Experience the refreshing aroma of Bee Inspired Citrus Collection's Citrus Candles. Available in Vanilla+Citrus and Ruby Red Grapefruit scents, these soy-based candles elevate any room. They are eco-friendly with recyclable packaging and phthalate-free fragrances, making them a stylish choice for your living spaces.


  • Soy wax burns up to 50% longer than traditional candles for an extended ambiance
  • Citrus scents help to elevate your mood and focus
  • Eco-friendly packaging supports sustainable sales practices

Ruby Red Grapefruit Jelly Jar Candle by Bee Inspired surrounded by fresh sliced grapefruit

5. Pucker Up: Lemon Lip Gloss

Lemon Fresh Smiles

The Lemon Lip Gloss in the Bee Inspired Citrus Collection nourishes and hydrates your lips with a blend of plant oils, beeswax, and botanical ingredients. It's petroleum-free and adds moisture and shine. The light lemon flavor adds to the sensory delight, making it perfect for spring selfies!


  • Hydrating formula for soft, kissable lips
  • Refreshing taste adds an extra element to your daily beauty routine
  • Recyclable packaging and carry size for use on-the-go

Woman holding Lemon Lip Gloss by Bee Inspired

6. A Taste of Sunshine: Sunrise Tea

Start Your Day the Citrus Way

The Sunrise Tea from the Bee Inspired Citrus Collection is a bold blend of Assam tea, orange peel, and cranberry. The addition of hibiscus and rooibos provides natural sweetness, while the heartiness of the Assam tea carries the blend for the perfect morning jolt. Add a spoonful of your favorite honey from the collection and savor the warmth and zing of this refreshing blend.


  • Caffeine keeps you moving for brisk mornings
  • Aromatic blend with a rich, zesty flavor profile
  • Naturally sweetened for a guilt-free experience

Sunrise Tea by Bee Inspired on a table next to other Citrus Collection products

7. Don't Pick One: Citrus Gift Sets

Get A Taste of the Collection

Experience the joy of our Citrus Lovers Gift, featuring a combination of Florida Orange Blossom Honey, Sunrise Assam tea infused with dried orange peel, a Vanilla and Citrus candle, nourishing lemon lip gloss, gourmet honey lemon lollipop, and citrus blossom body butter and scrub. Treat yourself or someone you love to this sun-kissed delight today!


  • Try almost the entire Citrus Collection all at once
  • Receive a free, reusable Bee Inspired tote 
  • Give a unique gift everyone will love

Citrus Lovers Gift by Bee Inspired in front of fresh citrus fruit

The Bee Inspired Citrus Collection is more than a line of products; it's a celebration of the season's bounty and the goodness that springs forth with it. From sweet treats to daily essentials, these items embody the sun-kissed cheer of citrus, making them perfect for this time of year. For all the eco-conscious consumers, the sustainability and care in production are an added sweetener. Embrace the citrus season with the Bee Inspired Citrus Collection—it's a taste of sunshine you can enjoy every day.

Woman holding Citrus Blossom Body Scrub by Bee Inspired over a Bee Inspired tote bag