Summer Chesterhaven honey Bee Inspired
Summer Bee Inspired Honey
Summer Bee Inspired Honey
Summer Bee Inspired Honey
Summer Bee Inspired Honey
Summer Bee Inspired Honey
Clover field at Chesterhaven Beach Farm
Bee Inspired Summer Honey

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Honey Royale - Summer

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“Everything good, everything magical, happens between the months of June and August.”

Summer Honey is one of our premium limited edition Royale honeys, harvested and produced in small seasonal batches, making it a truly rare find. Sourced from our Chesterhaven Beach Farm, where our bees pollinate a beautiful array of wildflowers and clover mix, this honey is as exquisite as it gets. Delightfully floral in both aroma and taste, with a hint of caramel, Summer Honey is the most rare offering in our collection. We have not had a summer harvest in nearly 10 years.

Available exclusively through Bee Inspired, this pure and raw honey is sweet, and complex, with notes of caramel. Available in limited quantity. 

  • Exclusively available through Bee Inspired.
  • Pure, raw, and Star K Certified Kosher.
  • Brightly floral, sweet, and pollen-like in flavor
  • Available in limited quantities each season.
  • 11 oz

Note: Coupon codes and discounts cannot be applied to this item. Our Summer Honey is rare, pure, raw, unamended, and is one of the few varietals that does not crystalize readily.

Quote by Jenny Han, The Summer I turned Pretty

Not only is Summer Honey rare and pure, but it's also delicious. Its bold and fragrant notes pair perfectly with Greek yogurt, bold cheeses, and nuts. Feel free to get creative and use it in raw food recipes, drizzle it on fruits and veggies, add it to homemade ice cream, or even enjoy it in our butterfly pea and Bees Knees tea.

Pure Raw Honey

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