A day in the life on Maryland's Eastern Shore

A day in the life on Maryland's Eastern Shore

The Eastern Shore of Maryland offers boundless beauty. From the rolling fields and old orchards to sunny beaches and quaint towns, a summer on the shore is a magical thing. Sometimes, when the weather is behaving and the days are long, we like to explore.

The farms on the shore are seemingly endless. Many of these date back hundreds of years. Our farm isn't nearly quite as old as these places, but we do have a collection of fruit trees that are decades old and still bear fruit. These trees give the bees a source of pollen, and add to the unique flavor of our Spring Honey. We've only recently transformed the fields back into naturalized meadows, and in doing so, the local ecosystem has stabilized.

How Do You Relax on the Eastern Shore?

Where are your favorite places to relax? How do you like to kick back in the heat of the summer? If you spend any time on the shore, we'd love to see your photos! Tag us on Instagram with @beeinspiredgoods so we can see how you're enjoying your summer days.