Eastern Shore Living | Models on the Eastern Shore

Eastern Shore Living | Models on the Eastern Shore

We always seem to be prepping and running photo shoots. Most of the time, we do these without people: instead, we work with landscapes and products, ingredients and packaging. But models are just as important. After all, part of Bee Inspired is dedicated to skincare products, and these need to be featured on the beautiful people we find ourselves interacting with!

This spring, in preparation for the design of next year's catalog, we began our search for models. We reached out to friends and family, just to see who we could get into contact with. Phone calls were made and emails were sent, and before long we compiled a list of names. Thanks to those around us, we got in touch with so many beautiful women from diverse backgrounds-if you helped us with this, we want you to know how thankful we are. Without the help of our communities, we wouldn't have been able to find the lovely ladies we ended up working with.

Out of all of the names we collected, we whittled our list down to four potential models. This was due in part because of travel and time restraints: we ended up choosing girls who live fairly close to our farm, so that their commute wouldn't be unbearable. Luckily for us, Kent Island is home to so many gorgeous, talented women!

Meet Morgan

Here's our friend Morgan applying her Sweet Lips in the field-how cute is this candid? Morgan loved the flower crowns we made for the event, and was happy to pick her favorite for the shoot.

Morgan using Sweet lips lip balm

Hello, Tanya!

Our friend Tanya looked like an absolute goddess...and was lucky enough to get a massage right in the meadow! Tanya has quite the sense of humor and kept us all laughing, despite the heat. Sarah from the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club ventured over for part of the day, and we're excited about our collaboration with the club.

Tanya in the field
Sarah from the Beach Club and Tanya in the field

Next up, Paige

This Paige, a friend of Stephen's from Easton. Paige has brilliant blue eyes that remind us of the sea. All day, she was cracking jokes back and fourth with Tanya: they made an exciting duo!

Paige in the field
Paige and Kaylin with our mailer box

Last, but not least...

Kaylin is local to Kent Island: you can tell by her laid back demeanor and friendly, helpful attitude that she's grown up in a quiet small town. Kaylin was more than willing to jump into the fields and spend a day in the sun. Luckily for her (and us!) she doesn't easily sunburn, so being outside wasn't a worry.

Meet Morgan and Kaylin, two of our lovely models who worked with us this summer. International Women's Day
Girls on the farm in a red truck International Women's Day