My Thoughts for International Women's Day

My Thoughts for International Women's Day

International Women's Day has ignited self-reflection on this remarkable woman-owned business. I'm eager to share its inspiring story with you. Bee Inspired began as a creative journey infused with sustainability. Picture this: I explored encaustic painting, an art form that utilizes beeswax, and the idea of raising bees to create sustainable masterpieces buzzed in my mind.

Kara standing in a field in front of a red truck

Hobby Turned Business

Beekeeping began as a means to harvest wax for my paintings. As I embarked on this journey, I started a blog called Waxing Kara to document my experiences. However, the term proved to be misleading in later years (people thought I did waxing).

During a highly creative period of my life, I created a captivating label to market the by-product of my hard work: honey. Originally, I only sought to obtain wax from raising bees, overlooking the fact that bees produce honey. However, when I started harvesting from the hives, I was amazed by the copious amount of honey the bees produced. This revelation prompted me to swiftly alter my approach to this endeavor.

Kara harvesting honey from her hive on the Eastern Shore

The Beginnings

When I started my business, I initially felt unprepared. I was aware of the effort and cost involved, which caused me to pass on several opportunities that appeared unexpectedly.

Although this business seemed to unfold by chance, I carefully evaluated each opportunity and made my own decision about readiness. Sometimes, you simply have to take a leap of faith and ensure you are prepared.

Kara walking in a field next to her hives

What I Learned

We often postpone certain goals to the elusive "someday" category. You know the one, where you keep telling yourself, "I'll be ready soon, just not yet."

Whether it's landing your dream job, exploring the world, pursuing further education, or dedicating your days to painting, these aspirations hold significance. Sometimes they come in smaller forms, like applying for grants, acquiring new skills, or training for a marathon.

We tend to delay these goals until we feel prepared, but here's the funny thing: you're never ready until you take the leap. Just like my experience with Bee Inspired.

"Being ready" is funny like that.

Kara Brook Brown
Bee Inspired storefront in Owings Mills

Wisdom for International Women's Day

Many women before me paved the way for my company's success. Thanks to their sacrifices, I feel limitless in what I can achieve. I've had strong examples of success in my life.

Passion, grit, and focus are the key ingredients for inevitable success, regardless of gender.

Though not universal, the success of a few doesn't diminish ongoing struggles. International Women's Day reminds us of victories and challenges women face globally.

We still have a long way to go as a society, but we'll get there.

Bee Inspired International Women's Day Tall Pin