Bee Informed

Bee Informed

Did you know that honey can actually help stabilize blood sugar levels? Nathaniel Altman makes this claim. But, it’s important to know that all honey is not created equal. To be sure you’re consuming honey that indeed does this, be an informed consumer. Investigate the type of, and ingredients in, the honey you’re ingesting, to address such issues as glycemic index—which relates to how fast sugar is absorbed and consequent blood levels. Processed, mass-produced honey may have a very high glycemic index, in turn spiking blood sugar levels.

Did you know that honey isn’t good for everyone? (Yes, you read that correctly.) Just recently, a Colorado infant was diagnosed with botulism poisoning. Fortunately, it was caught in time and the child is expected to fully recover.

However, according to The Denver Post, “Adults and children over a year old have bacteria in their gastrointestinal tracts that protect against getting the disease from dust, dirt or foods like honey. But babies don't have those bacteria. How Keona picked up the disease will probably never be known for certain. But the child was at a relative's house when a basement was being renovated and could have breathed in the spores. Or she could have been exposed to honey, which Kari had been putting in tea. Kari is breastfeeding and didn't directly feed Keona honey. But if it had gotten on Kari's hands or a counter the child could have ingested it.”

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