Oven-Roasted Lamb Chops with Honey Glaze

Oven-Roasted Lamb Chops with Honey Glaze

This oven-roasted lamb chops recipe was a game-changer for me. I was never a big fan until I watched a chef friend make it for us at a dinner party. It’s such an impressive dish and surprisingly easy to make. This recipe takes 15 minutes to prepare plus 20 (or so) minutes to cook. If my local farmer who raises lamb is not available, I go to my local butcher for the lamb rack, and I ask him to trim the fat and french the rack for me. If you are feeling bold and courageous, you can french your rack. Either way, it’s a good idea to cover the bones on the frenched rack with foil so that they don’t burn.

rack of lamb in roasting pan accompanied by ingredients for making roasted rack of lamb on marble counter top
Roasted lamb rack ingredients at Chesterhaven Beach Farm

Lamb Rack Lessons

Speaking of burning, the first time I tried my hand at making lamb chops, I did it on the grill. I didn't know that the bones can catch fire pretty quickly, so I changed the name of the meal to grilled lamb loin and chopped the charred bones off before serving. That was my first lesson. Cover the bones before cooking; otherwise, they may burn to a crisp.

Size Matters

My second lamb chop lesson taught me that size matters. I typically buy kosher meats. I am not a huge meat-eater, my husband is, and my husband prefers kosher beef. There is a big difference (in size) between a kosher lamb rack and a grocery-store-bought lamb rack. I am uncertain why, but kosher lamb racks are much smaller than non-kosher racks. Recently, amid the COVID-19 lifestyle change, I purchased a lamb rack from the grocery store, and it took twice as long to cook. Lessons can be learned even after making this recipe at least a dozen times.

There are lots of ways to cook Roasted Lamb Chops

There are many ways to prepare lamb chops. You can pan-sear them before baking them in the oven. I am planning to oven-sear them at a high temperature (that's what you're preheating the oven at 400F). You may also choose to grill them. The good news is, you really can't go wrong in any direction. When cooking meat, you are always better off using a meat thermometer and following guidelines that are printed on the meat thermometer to reach your desired temperature. There are countless instructions by way of our friend google that will thoroughly explain step-by-step cooking, grilling, and or broiling techniques.

When it comes to ingredients, it's always best to use fresh

I use garlic grown in the garden, and if the rosemary is not growing in our herb garden, I get fresh rosemary rather than dry, and the honey comes from our farm. All local. All good. It's important to cook with the very best ingredients that you can get to make meals special.

Honey Glazed Oven Roasted Lamb Chops plated on dining table surrounded by wine goblets

How to Make Oven Roasted Lamb Chops

First: Ingredients

Pull the lamb rack out of the fridge and allow it to get to room temperature while you gather all of the ingredients you'll need to make this recipe.

Second: Get the oven ready

Move the oven rack to the center position. Preheat the oven to 400°F.

Third: Trim the meat

You may need to trim your rack, even if your butcher frenched the rack for you. The less fat you leave, the shorter the cooking time and the more enjoyable the meal (this is my opinion).

Fourth: Prepare the meat

In a bowl, combine the ingredients and whisk to combine well. Set aside. Season the rack all over with salt and pepper. Brush rack of lamb with the marinade until evenly coated. Cover the ends of the bones with foil to prevent charring. Arrange the rack bone side down.

Fifth: Cook, cut and serve the meat

Roast the lamb @ 400°F for 10 minutes to brown/sear the rack. Lower the temperature to 350°F, flip the rack, and cook another 10-20 minutes. Cook time depends on the size/weight of the rack. The longer you cook the meat, the more well-done it will be—Cook to your preference. Take the temperature in the center of the flesh. Insert a meat thermometer into the thickest part of the center of the rack. For rare meat, the temperature will read 125°F for medium-rare 135°F. Remove from oven, cover with foil and let rest for 15 minutes. Transfer the rack to a carving board, stand them upright, and let rest for 10 minutes.

Carve the rack in between the rib bones and transfer to plates. Serve right away.

Rack of lamb just before becoming lamb chops on Chesterhaven Beach Farm
Lamb rack, right out of the oven, ready for carving on Chesterhaven Beach Farm

Adapting our Lamb Recipe

We encourage everyone to adapt our recipes to meet their needs. If you’re on the timid side when it comes to the kitchen, we’ve got some ideas to get you started. Consider adapting the recipe in the following ways:

  • Feel free to use your favorite combination of fresh chopped herbs.
  • Add one-quarter cup of red wine to the pan drippings, reduce, and create a sauce to top this rack.
  • Try this marinade with chicken, fish, or steak.
Oven Roasted Lamb Chops with honey glaze is such an impressive dish and surprisingly easy to make. This recipe takes 15 minutes to prepare plus 15-20 minutes to cook.
Oven Roasted Lamb Rack

Pair this lamb rack with any of your favorite sides, including: