Wedding Gifts for Parents

Wedding Gifts for Parents

Weddings are a momentous occasion, celebrating the union of two lives. But for many parents, it's also an emotional rollercoaster - between all their hard work and anticipation as they help plan this special day for their child. As you scout out wedding gifts to show your appreciation to bridesmaids and groomsmen, don't forget about mommy & daddy, dearest! Bee Inspired® Goods has done some legwork by compiling the top rejuvenating items to ease any pre-wedding anxieties so they can relax before the big day arrives. At the same time, Bee Inspired® offers unique nature-inspired gifts wrapped up with love and perfect presents no matter the season. Gift-giving just got easier!

Parents of the Bride in receipt of wedding gifts for parents and embracing

From the spa:

Face masks are a great way to bring life into tired, dull skin. Our new Sea+Tea mask is an authentic Farm to Body® experience. By combining green tea, seaweed, and clay, the Sea+Tea mask replenishes the skin with vital nutrients to unclog pores and reduce signs of aging. The great thing about our masks is that they come dry; you can mix a teaspoon or two with a mixer that best suits your skin type. Perfect for a fully customizable experience!

Our Calming Bath Soak is a perfect solution to achieve a sense of calm - before the wedding storm. This particular soak features hand-harvested lavender from our farm on the Maryland Eastern Shore. Lavender aids in decreasing tension in the body. Mixed with dead sea and Epson salt, the soak replenishes mineral levels in the skin.

For the home:

Honey always makes a sweet gift due to its amazing properties. Perfect for tea or baking and the newest addition to our collection, Blackberry Honey will be sure wow any mother-in-law.

Candle connoisseurs will love the newest soy candle in our collection. Ruby is a beautifully sweet, complex fragrance that will make any home smell warm and inviting. Rich grapefruit and honey add warmth and masculinity without being overpowering.

Remember that any gift is incomplete without a handwritten thank you note! It shows the gift came from the heart. For more Bee Inspired gift ideas, check out our honey gift ideas.