Dairy-Free Panna Cotta

Dairy-Free Panna Cotta

It all started when I was visiting Italy and had the opportunity to sample some of the most delicious desserts our hosts could offer. One that always stuck out was their decadent Panna Cotta - creamy, smooth, and subtly sweetened with honey. But at that time, I was vegan; I never thought I'd be able to make this classic Italian dessert myself until, one day, I stumbled across a dairy-free recipe for panna cotta. After a few attempts (and quite a few failed experiments!), I eventually perfected it and wanted to share my findings with anyone looking for an easy-to-make yet incredibly indulgent way to satisfy their sweet tooth without compromising flavor or texture. Be prepared to be amazed. Panna Cotta is a cold Italian custard, often served with fruit sauce or caramel syrup. In Italian, it translates to "cooked cream." My friend Joyce turned this idea upside down when she removed all dairy from this dairy-free panna cotta recipe. Made with simple ingredients and allergy-free, egg-free, this recipe can easily be adapted for paleo dieters. More good news: this recipe is also gluten-free. I love dessert, especially when it's guilt-free.

The best panna cotta recipe is dairy-free, delicate, lightly sweet, and simply delicious.

You won't believe how quickly you can whip up this delicious, creamy delight. With just thirty minutes of prep, your family will think all day went into creating it. Serve it with a creative twist- like an old-fashioned sundae or as a parfait - and watch their reaction when they taste it! You'll have everyone singing praises to the chef in no time at all.

Dairy-Free Panna Cotta is a cold Italian custard, often served with fruit sauce or caramel syrup. In Italian it translates to “cooked cream”.

How to make Dairy-Free Panna Cotta

It’s easy to make this Dairy-Free Panna Cotta Recipe. First, let’s discuss the ingredients you'll need:

  • coconut milk
  • your favorite homemade almond milk
  • gelatin
  • vanilla bean
  • Bee Inspired Honey
  • lemon rind
  • sea salt

Once your ingredients are gathered, move on to making the panna cotta.

Step 1: Mix the ingredients

Whisk the gelatin into the nut/seed milk and allow it to dissolve for ten minutes, stirring occasionally. Place coconut milk, nut/seed milk mixture, honey, salt, vanilla bean, and lemon rind in a medium-sized saucepan.

Step 2: Heat the ingredients

Place the pan over medium-high heat, warming it until you get a gentle boil. Whisk in the milk while warming. Bring to a boil for 30 sec to 1 minute, then remove from heat. Take the vanilla bean and rind out the seeds. Panna Cotta should appear moderately thickened. Scrape vanilla bean with a knife to get as much of the vanilla seeds out. Mix seeds only in a pan with thickened mixture.

Step 3: Prepare for serving

Pour into ramekins, four equal portions, and refrigerate until cool. Serve in a ramekin or remove each one by placing the ramekin in a dish of warm water, being careful not to allow any water in the panna cotta. Flip over onto a serving plate and garnish with fruit, black and blue jam, or strawberry jam.

Adapting this Dairy-Free Panna Cotta Recipe

We have collected this series of recipes to inspire you. You can have your cake or your panna cotta and eat it too. Make this Panna Cotta Recipe precisely the way you want it. Get creative. Experiment. Try something different. Here are some ideas in case you need a little boost with adapting this recipe:

  • Serve with blueberries or a combination of your favorite berries drizzled with honey. Do you imagine a teaspoon of honey caramel on top?
  • Mix up the dairy-free milk. Coconut milk or cashew milk would add some great texture to this dish.
  • Home-make your almond milk.
  • Why not add some chocolate shavings on top?

There is no wrong. Only right when it comes to Dairy-Free Panna Cotta!

Follow along as we make this Dairy-Free Panna Cotta Dessert in the test kitchen.