Gluten-Free Apple Pie

Gluten-Free Apple Pie

Our friend Mark Murphy shared this fantastic recipe for Gluten-Free Apple Pie with us! Mark is an amazing designer, curator– and now a chef; who knew?! Recipes like this, without gluten, are perfect for anyone eating a wheat or gluten-free diet, especially those with celiac disease, which causes gluten intolerance. Mark wisely chose our Spring Honey for this recipe. In addition, he mentioned that using raw sugar was essential to his process.

An old fashioned apple pie with flowers in the background
Warm Gluten-Free Apple Pie

How to Make a Crust for this Gluten-Free Apple Pie

As for the crust, we have chosen to use white rice flour for the crust, but you can use pretty much any gluten-free flour like almond, coconut, brown rice, or buckwheat. Our friend, Joyce Wallace, often recommends a combination of gluten-free flours. In fact, she has seen more success with a combination of flours rather than using just one.

Although gluten-free dough can require a little more work than traditional dough, the result is worth the effort. When done properly, you won't be able to tell the difference. Be prepared to experiment with this recipe to learn about gluten-free baking, especially if you have not yet mastered pie crust.

Gluten Free Apple Pie
Fresh Gluten-Free Apple Pie scene with crisp apples and flowers.

As always, we encourage you to play with your food

A combination of spices, lemon, and honey is just wonderful for the filling! When placing the apples in the shell and creating the top shell or lattice, allowing some of the apples to peak out of the top shell (to carmelize) creates a messy and fun rustic effect but adds to the flavor as well.

Feeling something a little different? To change up this pie, why not try these suggestions:

  • replace half of the apples with sliced pears
  • mix blackberries with the apples
  • serve with vanilla cashew milk ice cream

Happy baking! If you make this yummy apple pie, tag us on Instagram. We love to see what you chef up!

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