Celebrate National Brownie Day

Celebrate National Brownie Day

Happy National Brownie Day! It seems like every food has its own special holiday these days, but who's complaining? Especially when it comes to brownies, a fan favorite and decadent dessert that is loved by all. While it's easy to grab a boxed mix from the store, making homemade brownies can be a fun way to spend the day. Plus, it’s a great way to impress your friends and family. As always, Bee Inspired has got you covered with two unique brownie recipes – whether you're a healthy eater or someone who loves to indulge. So, let's celebrate this wonderful day and satisfy your sweet tooth with these delicious recipes.



Healthy Beetroot Brownies

First, let's make a healthy version of beetroot brownies that includes the superfood beet. Beets give the brownies a fudge texture and a hint of sweetness, making them an excellent choice for those with a sweet tooth. The fiber and vitamin C present in the beet make these brownies a perfect snack for kids who usually don't like eating beets, green stuff or most other veggies. The recipe is easy to follow. You won't even taste the difference as the honey works its magic to keep the brownies moist while baking.

Get your sexy on

Next up is a recipe for those looking for a decadent dessert that will take things up a notch. These sexy brownies, as we like to call them, feature chopped nuts and dark chocolate, resulting in a deep flavor that is perfect for chocolate lovers. You can top them up with your favorite ice cream or sundae toppings. For a fun activity for kids and adults alike, you can create a topping bar and let everyone build their own brownie creations.

Make it your way, always

One of the great things about making homemade brownies is that you can customize them according to your liking. If you like your brownies with a dash of coffee, add some coffee extract or espresso to the mixture. If you prefer gluten-free brownies, use specially blended gluten-free flour instead of regular flour. The possibilities are endless, and that's the joy of baking!

Incorporating honey into the brownie mix is an excellent hack that will keep your brownies moist and delicious for long. Honey stays fresh even over time, and it also has antibacterial properties, which means your brownies will remain delicious for longer. Apart from that, honey can replace sugar in most cases, making your desserts healthier and organic.

We hope these two unique homemade brownie recipes have inspired you to celebrate National Brownie Day! Remember, you can customize these recipes to your liking and incorporate honey to keep your brownies moist and organic. Whether you opt for the healthy beet brownies or the decadent sexy brownies, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Happy baking!


If you make these recipes, take a photo or two and share them with us using #beeinspired on Instagram. We love seeing what possibilities you dream up!