National Brownie Day

National Brownie Day

It's National Brownie day! By now, there seems to be a National Day for every fruit, vegetable, dessert, side dish, main course, you name it, out there. We like to shed a little light on these food holidays at Bee Inspired because who doesn't like a fun recipe and a good meal? Celebrate with Bee Inspired with these two unique homemade brownie recipes!

Brownies are considered a fan favorite these days. What's not to love about the delectable chocolatey squares? Where it's easy to buy a box of brownie mix from the store, throw in a few ingredients and bake, sometimes you want to spice it up and put some time into making this decadent dessert. Whether you are a corner person or right from the middle, these homemade brownie recipes will become your new favorite desserts.

Below are two takes on this favorite, a healthy version and one that goes above and beyond. And, of course, they both include honey. The honey in the batter works to keep the brownies moist while baking.

You won't even taste the difference. Beets give the brownies a fudge-y consistency and take them to a new level. Beets are full of fiber and vitamin C, perfect for kids who don't like eating green stuff.

This recipe takes the cake... get it? No? These sexy brownies are more like your typical brownie, just from scratch. The dark chocolate and chopped nuts add a deeper flavor to the mix. Top with your favorite ice cream and sundae toppings. Or create a topping bar for kids and adults, where they can build their sexy sundae.

If you make these recipes, take a photo or two and share them with us using #beeinspired on Instagram. We love seeing what possibilities you dream up!