hot toddy with lemon

How to Make a Hot Toddy with Honey

Feeling under the weather? Hot Toddy to the rescue. With Old Man Winter wrathfully upon us, here is a twist on a classic hot toddy cocktail that is sure to warm the soul and indulge the senses by Ricardo Garcia, Former Beverage Director at Linwood's Restaurant, located in our hometown of Owings Mills, Maryland.

A little history of where this cocktail came from

Who is Toddy, anyway? Hot Toddy comes from 18th century Scotland, invented as a treatment for the common cold enjoyed before bed. In Ireland, a hot toddy is a 'hot whiskey'. While many versions throughout history feature whisky or rum, the basis of the bedtime drink contains hot water, honey, lemon, and a spirit or two.

How to make a hot toddy

First, gather all the ingredients that you will need. Start with Maryland-style rye. If you're at a loss, we cover one that we like in this Skinny Rye Crush recipe.

close up of pouring hot tea in cute mug

Next, you'll need our honey. It wouldn't be a good honey recipe if it didn't involve our honey! Juice a lemon. I like Meyers lemon when they are in season, and Meyer Lemon season often coincides with flu season. (Thank you, mother nature!)

Hot Toddy with honey being added

Boil water and make chamomile tea. If you want to try something different, warm up some organic apple cider for this delightful treat! We grow chamomile on our farm, and there is no better way to enjoy chamomile tea than with your own chamomile that you've grown and hand-harvested. Or, grab a jar of our loose-leaf Good Night Tea; it's blended by hand.

Close up on a hot toddy with a lemon peel garnish

Add honey or one of our honey lollipops and stir, then add the rest of the ingredients and stir.

Adding cinnamon, clove, ginger, or nutmeg, will add depth to your toddy.

We always invite you to play with your food; this recipe is no different!

Drink slowly.

Get rest.

Hot Toddy with Honey


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