DIY Spirulina Face Mask

DIY Spirulina Face Mask

Spirulina is a blue-green alga that has been around since the beginning of time. This DIY spirulina face mask moisturizes, tightens, and lifts skin while it promotes anti-aging and healthy skin. This mask also helps to clean up break-outs. Spirulina contains protein and almost all known antioxidants, including; Vitamins C, B1, B5, and B6, zinc, manganese, copper, beta-carotene, vitamin E, and amino acid methionine. Antioxidants fend off free radicals, eliminate toxins and increase the skin’s metabolism. Spirulina fights the appearance of aging due to its high protein source, as it provides skin oxygen.

Bee Inspired Spirulina and Honey Mask
Self-portrait of Kara wearing her freshly mixed Spirulina Mask

What that means in skin care is that you feed your skin with this DIY Spirulina Face Mask.

This is my very favorite DIY mask. We’ve nicknamed this mask superfood for a super face. This recipe is easy to whip up; try it twice a week for a month. Take a before and after shot and share it with us. You will see a change in your skin, and that is when it makes an effort worth it.

We call this honey spirulina face mask superfood for a super face. Your skin will thank you for this one.
Spirulina Face Mask contains vitamins C, B1, B5, and B6, zinc, manganese, copper, beta-carotene, vitamin E, and methionine amino acid.

Raw Honey and Spirulina

Full of micronutrients, raw honey is mother nature’s humectant. Honey moisturizes the skin and contains a high level of gluconic acid which brightens and evens-out skin tone. Honey helps with acne, also. Use crystallized honey for the added benefit of light exfoliation. Exfoliation aids in turning cells and leads to a fresh new layer of skin.

Evening primrose oil

It contains gamma-linolenic (GLA), a rare acid in breast milk. GLA protects the integrity of the skin and strengthens while it provides moisture. Evening primrose oil nourishes the skin.

Frankincense and Geranium essential oils

Frankincense and Geranium essential oils are known to be good for your skin. This blend also helps to overshadow the aroma of the Spirulina. Use those if you prefer lavender essential oil or any other rated safe on the skin.

Companion treatments

Here are some ideas on how you can treat yourself to a whole at-home experience while you allow this mask to set:

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