National Coffee Day Celebrates Coffee & Bees

National Coffee Day Celebrates Coffee & Bees

Celebrate National Coffee Day with us and discover the amazing role of honeybees in your beloved cup of joe! You'll be fascinated to learn that honeybees play a vital role in producing the delicious coffee beans that kickstart your mornings. Without these hardworking bees, we would have significantly fewer beans to harvest and savor. Join us in honoring these incredible creatures and deepen your appreciation for every sip of coffee.

What’s all the buzz about National Coffee Day? 

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First, let them have cake. This Healthy Coffee Cake is a beautiful dessert for a breakfast treat, which was always a favorite in my household. This take is slightly healthier with no gluten or yeast and features blueberries. I made this in less than an hour, and it’s something special that doesn’t lead to too much guilt.

Bees & coffee blossoms go together like peas & carrots.

As with many relationships in nature, the benefits are mutual. Coffee blossoms provide high-quality, sugary nectar perfect for the bees. Bees improve the coffee berry by aiding in ripening through cross-pollination. Bees also improve the bean itself by making its size more uniform. Coffee Honey is something new that we offer here at our Bee Inspired Honey House.

A recent study reveals that caffeine improves bees’ memory. Honeybees pollinate the beans and, in return, absorb some of the caffeine. The bees could recall where food was located after being exposed to caffeine.

Bees, Beans, Climate, and National Coffee Day

Climate change is affecting both pollinators and the areas where coffee can grow. In our lifetime, there will be less ground suitable for producing coffee beans and fewer bees to pollinate the world’s flora. What’s more, some areas currently not suitable for coffee production will become suitable, while some locations lacking pollinators will install pollinators to improve harvests. These locations may not correlate, and we hope it will somehow work out. 

According to NPR, "Coffee, Bees and Climate Change Are Linked In Ways You May Not Have Expected."

Let’s raise our cup of joe this morning to the bees and the beans and make a better environment for both. We must wake up early to figure out this climate change issue, but that’s what caffeine is for.

Natural caffeine brings antioxidants to the skin aiding with the texture, tone, and appearance of aging. Plus, coffee is notorious for removing unpleasant odors. Our all-new Coffee & Cream Bar Soap, slated to come out soon, is made with real coffee and leaves your skin squeaky clean, and polished.

Our Original Honey Scrub incorporates beautifully with roasted ground coffee, just mix a a teaspoon of fresh fine-ground coffee with 2 tablespoons of our original honey scrub and mix well. Apply to skin in the tub or shower and rub in circular motion. This treatment will leave your skin smooth, softened, and awakened, and maybe even with a little less cellulite.

Celebrate National Coffee Day with a bit of light

This Double Espresso Candle leaves the room smelling like a pot of fresh-brewed coffee. It’s a great kitchen candle for the early morning to get your juices flowing.

Double Espresso Luxe Soy Candle

One dollop or two? Try a little bit of honey in your coffee

Honey works well in most recipes in place of processed sugar, up to a cup in baking. Chances are good that you won’t notice a difference. If you use a mild varietal like Clover, there is little or no difference in taste. If you prefer your coffee iced, we have you covered. Try this Iced Latte.

iced latte

If you are looking for more ways to celebrate National Coffee Day try this ultimate wake-up call! We've got the perfect gift for your coffee-loving friends that will brighten their day. Whether you're a guy or gal in need of a pick-me-up, this special gift will definitely bring a smile to their face. Share your love and gratitude steeped in sweet grounds! The wake up call gift has everything you'll need.

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If you decide to try any of these recipes, take a photo and share them with us using #beeinspired on Instagram. We love seeing your photos!

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