Honey Carrot Cake Bars with Icing

Honey Carrot Cake Bars with Icing

I have such fond memories of discovering carrot cake as a wide-eyed kid; the thought of vegetables in a cake seemed so peculiar. But oh, how my world transformed when I took that first bite. Even now, as a grown-up, my love for carrot cake has never wavered, no matter how unconventional it may appear. Today, I'm always on the lookout for enchanting ways to reimagine my cherished childhood delights...like crafting them with superior, wholesome ingredients that are just as mouthwatering as the ones I adored growing up. Let's dive into a world of scrumptious nostalgia together!

Honey Carrot Cake Bars by Bee Inspired sitting on a white plate with a spoon laying next to it

When Abbie introduced this recipe to me, our shared objective was to craft guilt-free, wholesome carrot cake bars that are not only simple to make but also genuinely nutritious. Abbie took the initial plunge and conducted the first test run on this homemade recipe using honey – and I am truly grateful to her! It was her first ever attempt to create recipes from scratch using honey, and the outcome was absolutely delightful.

Carrots, much like butternut squash, turn deliciously soft and sweet when baked, making them a perfect addition to desserts and baked goods. To ensure uniformity, finely shred the carrots using a mandoline or cheese grater. Avoid large chunks, as they won't cook evenly. Be careful not to overdo it, as excessive shredding can result in a homogenous, mushy texture.

Adapting Healthy Carrot Cake Bars

Make this recipe your own by adding your personal touch. Embrace your inner chef, get creative, and try something new. For inspiration, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Use part almond or oat flour instead of all-purpose gluten-free flour
  • Raisins or dried cherries would be delicious in this recipe
  • Try hemp seeds or raw sunflower seeds instead of flax meal
  • Add unsweetened raw coconut in place of the walnuts

Keep these delicious Healthy Carrot Cake Bars in the fridge for lasting freshness. They might disappear quickly, though! Enjoy them as a satisfying afternoon snack or even grab one for a convenient breakfast on-the-go.


More Baking with Carrots

Try these amazing Carrot Bran Muffins, they are delicious, and nice and moist from using raw carrot in the batter. This is a recipe that the whole family will enjoy!

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