National Beer Day Recipes

National Beer Day Recipes

Celebrate National Beer Day with beer-inspired recipes that are sure to please. Beer is a secret weapon in the kitchen, adding depth to cooked foods and sweetness to desserts. Enjoy a refreshing Pomegranate Shandy for a classic drink or try one of our other delicious recipes. Gather your friends, enjoy some drinks, and have a memorable party. Remember to drink responsibly!

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National Beer Day Recipes

Pomegranate Shandy

Begin your evening with our delightful Pomegranate Shandy. Crafted with light beer and Bee Inspired Honey, it's a fruity drink that complements any appetizer or meal. And the best part? You can easily swap pomegranate juice for your preferred juice like grapefruit or pear for an equally delicious experience.

pomegranate shandy on a tray with a jar of honey and bread

Sweet & Spicy Honey Chili

Try using your favorite dark beer in this Sweet and Spicy Honey Chili. It's packed with flavorful beans, tomatoes, spices, and vegetable crumbles. You won't be able to resist going back for seconds! It's the perfect appetizer or meal for your get-togethers, and it's incredibly easy to prepare.

Sweet and Spicy Honey Chili with Beer by Bee Inspired in a white bowl next to a jar of Bee Inspired Spring Honey

Honey Beer Bread

Try this delicious Honey Beer Bread as a perfect accompaniment to your chili! It's quick, yeast-free, and requires no rising time. With this recipe, you can enjoy freshly baked bread whenever you want, without having to make a trip to the bakery.

Sliced Honey Beer Bread by Bee Inspired on a cutting board

Other Beer Uses for National Beer Day

Protect your Crops

Attention all avid gardeners! Are slugs wreaking havoc on your precious leafy greens? We understand the frustration. As kids, we used to sprinkle iodized salt on slugs, but now we have a better solution. Create mason jar lids filled with beer! Slugs can't resist the taste, and you'll bid adieu to those slimy intruders. Cheers to a slug-free garden!

Discover the secret to transforming your lackluster lawn into a lush, vibrant paradise! Unleash the power of beer, with its bug-banishing acids and growth-enhancing ingredients, to bid farewell to those pesky brown spots once and for all. Get ready to witness a stunning green revival in your garden!

Ease a Tummy Ache

In DC years ago, at a Michael Jackson concert, I had an awful stomach ache. My friend Kathy gave me a beer and said, "Drink this; it'll ease your stomach." I was skeptical as I wasn't a beer drinker, but Kathy was onto something. Give it a shot; you might be surprised!

Tenderize Meat

Instead of relying on a meat tenderizer loaded with MSG, why not give beer a shot? Not only will it effortlessly tame and tenderize your beef, but it will work its magic in a jiffy! Give it a whirl and be amazed by the mouthwatering results.

Adapting National Beer Day Recipes

Connect with your inner beer mixologist by changing these recipes and making them your own. It’s always good to get some ideas, so here are some ideas for changing things up:

  • Swap out the suggested beers for your personal favorite.
  • Use any honey you like.
  • Serve these recipes at your next party for a festive touch.

Try any of these recipes, or find your own was to celebrate National Beer Day? Take a photo and share your newfound traditions with us on Instagram! We love seeing your pictures!

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