Honey Beer Bread Recipe

Honey Beer Bread Recipe

Enter the world of Beer Bread, a delightful treat that is sure to put you in good spirits! With no need for yeast or proofing time and minimal preparation - just mix everything together – this delectable bread will have your mouth watering before it even hits the oven. Soon enough, though, you'll be rewarded with an oh-so heavenly crusty loaf hot out of the oven that any experienced baker would envy. So why wait? Get baking some delicious beer bread today!

For this recipe, we like to use dark honey, like Buckwheat or Bamboo honey. Darker honey has a stronger flavor that holds up better in the heat of the oven and compliments bitter foods and drinks like beer. For an extra treat, make the almond butter that we share in our Southern Cornbread recipe to serve on top.

No-Fuss, Quick, Beer Bread Recipe

As a toddler, I was mesmerized by my grandmother's kitchen wizardry. She'd arrive at the counter in her old dress and start mixing mysterious ingredients together while she hummed quietly to herself. This went on for what seemed like hours until eventually dough was formed. Then came out an ancient cloth that would be draped over bowls of said elusive creation-and left alone to become something even more wondrous once baking time arrived! As I got older, however, it became clear quickly enough why Grandma steered away from yeast bread: It could easily spell disaster with one wrong move or measurement mistake. So when recipes for quick bread caught my eye (which require no yeast thanks to baking soda & powder), that made things much simpler; all efforts were subsequently rewarded with delightful results!.

Hands slicing bread on top of a cutting board along with beer, onions, and condiments on the side
Slicing Honey Beer Bread for sandwich making.

Sweet memories of beer bread

This specific recipe also reminds me of the bread my aunt would bake for Thanksgiving - hers was a sweet beer bread. It was soft and chewy but crusty. Hearty and perfect for dipping in soups or making into a sandwich. It's slightly sweet, thanks to the beer and honey in the batter, and lends itself well to everything. Since we use a fair amount of butter in the recipe, it bakes up with beautiful air pockets, and the top gets nice and golden.

Beer bread made with honey

Make this beer bread in honor of National Beer Day, or St. Patrick's Day! Regardless, It's a perfect way to celebrate! Use whatever beer you like: it might be fun to switch it up every time you bake a loaf of this bread.

How to Make Beer Bread with honey

It’s easy to make this beer bread with honey. First, let’s discuss the six ingredients you'll need:

These ingredients come together quickly! Now, first things first. Once you've gathered ingredients, move on to making this banana bread. It begins with preheating your oven to 350°F. Grease the loaf pan thoroughly using coconut oil, cooking oil, or butter. Spread it evenly on the bottom and all sides of the pan using your fingers or a folded paper towel.

sifting dry ingredients together for beer bread
It’s easy to make beer bread with honey using the simple steps in this recipe.

First: Mix the dry ingredients

Sift together all of the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

mixing honey oat scrub with whisk in glass bowl on black counter

Second: Add the wet ingredients

Add in the beer stopping periodically to combine. Add honey, mixing it all until just mixed. Pour the batter into the baking pan, and top with butter.

mixing honey oat scrub with whisk in glass bowl on black counter

Third: Bake the bread

Bake for 40 to 50 minutes. Check the bread with a toothpick to make sure that it's done-if the toothpick comes out clean, it's ready!

oven baked seed and nut bread

Adapting this Bread Recipe

Get creative in the kitchen and explore all sorts of possibilities with this incredible loaf! From sun-dried tomatoes to garlic chips, think outside the box - whatever you can dream up, it will surely make a scrumptious treat. Spice things up by adding herbs or jalapeños; mix sweet fruits like cranberries into your sauce for an unforgettable twist.

  • Add in raisins and cinnamon
  • Serve with honey butter
  • For something savory, add half a cup of shredded cheese
  • Add some heat with chopped jalapenos
  • Top the bread with "Everything Bagel" seasoning
  • This bread would make an excellent avocado toast
Beer bread made with honey
Beer Bread made with honey is quite a treat with your favorite beef dish. I'm glad I decided to try making bread again-it brings back good memories of my childhood. And now that I know how easy it is to make quick bread, I'll be baking a lot more often! This recipe is incredibly easy and so delicious. Enjoy!

Trust us when we say that no matter what combination you choose, these delectable breads won't last long! If you decide to make this honey beer bread recipe, be sure to take a photo and share them with us using #beeinspired on Instagram. We love seeing your photos!

More interested in having fruit in your bread? Try this Honey Banana Bread also. It's delicious.

Honey Banana Bread on platter on table with knife next to it and one piece missing

Or if you need a little Southern in your bread, this Southern Cornbread really takes the cake!

Cornbread in a round pan with a pie-shaped slice out of it still in skillet. Perfect for Thanksgiving Feast!

Serve all of these delicious home-baked breads with some Almond or Peanut Butter for an amazing finish try a drizzle of honey also!