St. Patrick's Day Recipes

St. Patrick's Day Recipes

St. Patrick's Day means, for most people, lots of eating and drinking. Instead of the usual bright green cakes and cocktails, why don't you pull together a hearty meal in celebration? Your festivities will be all the merrier, trust us! These St Patrick's Day recipes are fit for a king and a leprechaun, if you can catch one, that is.

Tell everyone to wear green when you serve these St. Patrick's Day Recipes

Every good meal starts with bread. This beer bread recipe is magical and it's not just because it's made with honey.

A bit of a twist on the traditional potato and carrot soups, our Easy Carrot Ginger Soup is a warm, filling meal that goes perfectly with crusty bread and a side of corned beef. Add in a few potatoes to the cooking pot, and you'll have a great Irish(ish) meal.

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with this traditional Glazed Corned Beef and Cabbage.

We've added a special spin to it by glazing the beef with our Eastern Shore Honey, for a special twist. This makes a great family meal for weekday nights as well. You can make our Honey Glazed Corned Beef in a crockpot if you're really strapped on time. Cook for 6-8 hours, and you'll have a perfect meal when you get home from work. And, since this is a big family meal, you'll have plenty left over for sandwiches the next day!

Another great recipe for St. Patrick's Day is our Sweet and Spicy Chili with Beer

Make this with your favorite dark brew (we're looking to you, Guinness) for a bold, rich flavor that compliments your beverage choices perfectly. This Sweet and Spicy Chili was made with veggie crumbles, but feel free to use turkey or organic beef. Chili freezes nicely as well, so if you have too much right now, save it for later. And, since this is another crockpot recipe, it doesn't demand a lot of your time. How much more perfect could a recipe get?

For a twist on the traditional, our Honey-Glazed Salmon is a fantastic way to wow your guests.

Swap out the bourbon for a dark beer in this Honey-Glazed Salmon, and serve with hearty potatoes, rice pilaf, or a green salad, or place the salmon over a bed of wilted spinach for a truly elegant presentation. Our favorite honey to use on fish is Orange Blossom, since it is so thick and buttery. You can try using darker honey, to complement the beer, but the choice is all yours.

Sweet St. Patrick's Day Recipes for Treats and Drinks

No Saint Pattie's Day party would be complete without a cocktail and treats! Bring together all of your favorite people, and enjoy each other's company with one of these great recipes.

Start your night off with these yummy Soft Pretzel Bites and a bowl of your favorite dipping sauce.

These soft pretzel bites are made with honey for a little sweetness, these pretzels are super easy to make-they're perfect for parties! These pair perfectly with other pub foods, and make a great companion for your mug of beer. These might just be one of our favorite St Patrick's Day recipes.

For something sweet (and healthy!) to finish your meal with, blend up a batch of our Bee Green smoothies. These give you a little bit of shamrock green to brighten the day, without being packed full of artificial colors and flavors.

Or, you can try our Green Smoothie with Raw Honey. It's creamy, sweet, and made with a yummy blend of greens and fruit. Add in a dollop of our pure Sweet Clover Honey to for a little extra luck.

St. Patrick's Day Recipes for a lucky dinner party
Four-leaf clover brings luck on St. Patrick's Day