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Buckwheat honey on art with vine
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The darkest honeys of buckwheat, bamboo, and avocado
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Buckwheat Honey

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“Mix this honey with sriracha and drizzle over your favorite smoked salmon—delish!”

Buckwheat Honey is dark, malty and rich. It resembles blackstrap molasses in color and taste. Rich notes of wax, earth, and malt make it a favorite of customers who enjoy rich, deep red wine and dark beer. Available in limited quantities, this honey is highly dependent on successful buckwheat crops for production.

  • Pure, raw, and Star K Certified Kosher
  • Richly flavored with molasses and earth tasting notes
  • Packed with pollen and polyphenols
  • Delicious in baked goods and as a table syrup
  • 11 oz

Note: Our Buckwheat Honey is pure, raw, and unamended, and may crystalize as a result. This is to be expected of natural honey and does not impact the usability of the product.

This honey comes from the nectar of delicate, tiny, and limited white buckwheat plants that bloom in the early summer months. The plant-derived polyphenols in buckwheat honey give it the deep dark color that distinguishes it from all other varietals. It’s almost black.

We call it the “stout” of honey and tell our customers that if they love deep rich chocolate or drink big red wines, they will love this honey. Try baking with it in bread and Pecan Pie or Pumpkin Pie. This honey is excellent for recipes that require richness of flavor for smoked meats in BBQ sauce and Blueberry BBQ Sauce. We’ve also had success making beer bread, roasting butternut squash and, acorn squash with this honey.

Pure Raw Honey

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Connie Brown
Love it!

I'm SO happy to have found Buckwheat honey; it is my absolute favorite!


Great taste!


I've been buying buckwheat honey for years at the recommendation of my children's pediatrician. If you don't know already, buckwheat honey has medicinal benefits during cold and cough season. My kids are now young adults and I send them some at the start of every winter! It's a staple in my household.


Mix this honey with sriracha and drizzle over your favorite smoked salmon—delish!


As I love anything on the dark side...coffee, maple syrup, chocolate...this is a great honey for me. I've used in baking, in tea, over oatmeal, ice cream and drizzled over cheese. YUM!!!

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