Thai Chicken Wings Recipe

Thai Chicken Wings Recipe

Try these amazing Thai Chicken Wings made with Bee Inspired honey! They are sweet, spicy, and absolutely delicious. These wings are perfect for football parties or Sunday family gatherings. The recipe is straightforward, and Thai cooking strikes the perfect balance of sweet, spicy, and sticky. Make extra marinade for a fantastic dipping sauce. One sauce makes it easy and keeps things simple!

Thai Chicken Wings by Bee Inspired on a white plate

Making Thai Chicken Wings

Shopping List:

  • Chicken wings
  • Bee Inspired Honey
  • Tamari
  • Coconut oil or olive oil
  • Pineapple juice
  • Garlic powder
  • Garlic cloves
  • Ginger
  • Lemon juice


  1. Gather all of the ingredients you need to make this recipe.
  2. Rinse chicken wings, dry them, and place them in a shallow baking dish.
  3. Mix all ingredients and pour marinade over chicken wings.
  4. Cover the baking dish or pour it into a Ziploc bag and place it in the refrigerator.
  5. Allow chicken to marinate for several hours or overnight.
  6. Pour off 1/2 of marinade then bake at 350ºF for 1 1/2 - 2 hours, basting occasionally.
  7. You want the marinade to form an awesome glaze over the wings.
  8. Serve warm.

Adapting Thai Chicken Wings

A recipe does not reach true perfection until you’ve added your touch to it. We encourage you to play with your food at our Honey House. Change up this recipe. For example, here are some ideas to consider when you are cooking:

  • Try using darker honey for a more robust flavor (mainly, try Avocado or Buckwheat).
  • Serve with a sweet Thai chili dipping sauce and lime wedges.
  • Serve topped with sliced scallion, chopped cilantro, and chili flakes.

We created these wings as an appetizer. However, by adding another dish such as our lovely Noodle Salad or Papaya Salad, you can easily make this a well-balanced meal!

These healthy baked wings are as good for you as they taste!

If you decide to make this Thai chicken wings recipe, and we hope you do, be sure to take a photo and share them with us using #beeinspired on Instagram. We love seeing your photos!

Thai Chicken Wings by Bee Inspired on a white plate with ketchup and lettuce