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Raw Honeycomb

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"We put a bit of honeycomb on a Granny Smith apple slice, then sprinkled blue cheese on top. It was a delicious appetizer!”

American Grown Raw Honeycomb. American Honeycomb is a unique way to experience the hard work of a beekeeper and their bees. Harvested ethically by a small beekeeper in Pennsylvania, this delicious comb is entirely edible - wax and all! Enjoy as an old-fashioned chewing gum, cut a chunk and spread it on hot crunchy toast, drop a chunk into a mug of tea, or pair it with salty prosciutto and goat cheese. It also makes a beautiful centerpiece on any cheeseboard!

  • 100% edible
  • Always pure, raw, and 100% American-grown
  • 12+ oz each

Honeycomb does NOT have Kosher certification. Please note that the exact weight may vary from piece to piece. Limited quantities are available annually. We are unable to ship in very hot weather due to product sensitivity.

Annually, we're able to source a few dozen boxes of Honeycomb from a beekeeper in southern Pennsylvania; he has an excess of hives, which allows him to safely remove comb from the hive without damaging the stability of his bee populations. Interestingly, when a beekeeper has a surplus of capped honeycomb in a hive, it must be removed...or the bees will up and move out!

Raw Honeycomb

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You can also order and pick up from Honey House in Owings Mills, MD.

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