Honey-Glazed Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Honey-Glazed Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Are you looking for an easy, delicious appetizer that even the pickiest eaters will devour? Look no further! This honey-glazed bacon-wrapped shrimp appetizer is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Using fresh shrimp and bacon, this simple dish takes less than 20 minutes to make and leaves plenty of time to prepare other preparations before your guests arrive. The sweet honey glaze with savory bacon and spicy shrimp makes this recipe unexpectedly flavorful. Serve this delectable appetizer at your next gathering for something special - your friends and family won't be able to resist!

bacon-wrapped shrimp on a plate with lemon wedges and two small sauce bowls
Honey Glazed Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Appetizer

This bacon-wrapped shrimp recipe may be sweeter than our honey.

Believe it or not, this Bacon Wrapped Shrimp was my first honey recipe post on this blog in 2013. I wrote to at least a dozen friends and asked for their best ideas on what I should make with honey. When Chef Jerry Edwards wrote me back with this recipe, I was tickled. I went to the market, picked up all the ingredients, head over to Joyce's house, where she showed me how to wrap shrimp in bacon. This dish makes a terrific appetizer, a full meal served with rice pilaf or a lightly tossed salad. We have lots of recommendations for other preparations also. The trick to doing this right is finding the thinnest sliced bacon possible. If you can go to a butcher who can cut the bacon for you, that's the best option.

bacon-wrapped shrimp on a plate with a martini glass and jelly jar candle behind it

Enjoy this unique dish as an appetizer or for dinner

How to make bacon-wrapped shrimp with honey glaze

First, you'll need to get all of your ingredients together. Here's a list to make life easy!

  • White shrimp 16-20 count
  • Apple-Wood Smoked Bacon thin-sliced
  • Panko Crumbs
  • Bee Inspired Honey
  • Sea Salt & Pepper
Bacon wrapped shrimp on cutting board raw and ready to be grilled
Prepared bacon wrapped shrimp, ready for cooking

How to prepare shrimp

There are a few different ways to peel shrimp: completely removing the shell, head-on, or tail-on. This recipe calls for tail-on shrimp. Peeling and cleaning before cooking them makes for a more appealing presentation. It's not difficult; follow these steps:

Step 1 Remove the shell

To remove the shell, begin at the underbody, where the legs are, and peel the shell back with your fingers. Remove the entire shell and twist the head to remove it.

Step 2 Devein and Dry

Run a pairing knife along the spine without cutting too deep. Run shrimp under cold water to remove the black vein. Dry shrimp before cooking.

Note: If you have a lot of shrimp to devein, put them on ice while working.

Bacon wrapped shrimp make a great appetizer or meal. Goes well with cornbread.

For wrapping the shrimp

  • Wrap with bacon
  • Secure with a toothpick if desired.
  • Place seam-side down on a baking sheet.

Adapting our Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

A recipe is not perfect until you’ve added your touch. That’s why we encourage you to play with your food. Call your inner chef to come out and play and change up this recipe. Here are some ideas–

  • Try this technique with scallops, lobster tails, or even chicken breast.
  • You can wrap sturdy vegetables like asparagus and cook them with this technique.
  • Sprinkle lemon or lime juice over the shrimp before serving
  • Add some diced chilies to the honey for some extra heat
  • Just two tablespoons of bourbon in with the honey will add a nice flavor.
  • This Homemade Honey BBQ Sauce would make an excellent dipping sauce
  • Grill outside on skewers for that extra smokey flavor
Bacon wrapped shrimp with honey glaze with Bee Inspired wildflower honey
Honey Glazed Bacon Wrapped Shrimp made with Bee Inspired Wildflower Honey

How to cook this shrimp in the oven

Preheat oven to 375°F. Wrap each cleaned shrimp with bacon, sprinkle with Panko crumbs and bake for 4 minutes in the oven. Remove, let cool, and set on a new baking sheet; season with fresh ground pepper, pour 1/2 of the honey on the shrimp and bake in the oven for 4-6 minutes until the bacon is crispy.
Season with black pepper and remaining honey, and serve.

Delicious, beautiful, and effortless - this bacon-wrapped shrimp has it all. From simple ingredients to wow-factor presentation, this appetizer will make a lasting impression on your guests and family. Whether you’re entertaining or want something special to eat, this recipe is sure to rise to the occasion. Plus, the fact that you made it will always be our little secret! The best part is that it’s easy enough for anyone to do. So why not try it and make a memorable meal today? Why not challenge yourself and get creative with the presentation? And when you do, don’t forget to share your masterpiece with us—we’d love to see it!

closeup of honey-glazed bacon wrapped shrimp
Closeup of this yummy recipe

If you decide to make our Bacon Wrapped shrimp or any variation we’ve suggested, why not take a photo and share it with us using #beeinspired on Instagram? We love seeing your photos!

What to serve with this dish

Most southern recipes accompany spicy and smokey dishes. Southern Cornbread is a beautiful go-along with this dish, which aids in resting the palette from the smokey bacon.

Serving these bacon-wrapped shrimp as a meal? This Healthy Slaw will cool off the palette as it adds fiber to this delicious meal.

Perfectly timed for autumn, this Roasted Butternut Squash is as delicious as it is simple to prepare and makes a great companion to this shrimp dish.


My friend Chef Jerry Edwards of Baltimore is amazing. My first year as a beekeeper I asked him for help with a recipe and he shared a few that were way out the ordinary.