Summer Blackberries on the Shore

Summer Blackberries on the Shore

July, August, and September mean heat, humidity, and bugs but also some of our favorite summertime fruit! But, the hot weather also brings with it some of our favorite treats: Summer Blackberries and fruits! Berries grow wild just about everywhere on Kent Island, and in most corners of the east coast, for that matter. On the farm, we find blueberries and blackberries in the hedgerows and edges of the fields. When the berries ripen, birds and insects go crazy. We think it's because they are intoxicated.

summer blackberries on the Eastern Shore

Summer Blackberries in the north temperate regions

I recently took a trip back home to Pennsylvania to visit my family for a weekend. My parent's property features a small orchard and a brush line that borders a broad swath of woods. In this transitional area, blackberries grow wild, tangling themselves among wild grapes and goldenrod. These thorny vines get heavy with fruit in the summer, especially when the weather is just right (and this year, thanks to the heavy rains in May and heat, the crop is unusually large).

Ripening summer blackberries

When the plants come into bloom in late spring and early summer, the bees go crazy.

Blackberries and raspberries create masses of little white flowers that fill the air with a dusky sweetness. It's one of my favorite parts of summer. Combined with the honeysuckle and wildflowers that grow along the forest, it's a magical experience.

Fresh-picked blackberries in hand
Picking Blackberries brings me back to my youth

This Black and Blue Jam is a fantastic jam that features lavender tea as one of the ingredients. Nothing like mixing berries and enjoying the benefits of a low-sugar treat on toast or Greek yogurt, or even a bowl of ice cream after dinner.

blackberry blueberry jam from the farm

There is so much you can do with Blackberries for every meal. These Gluten-Free blackberry pancakes can be made with a combination of berries also.

honey on blackberry pancakes

This Bumbleberry Pie brings together all the berries of summer. The chocolate adds a layer of depth that you may enjoy!

Bumbleberry Pie on flower napkin on porch, shot up close

Just last night I enjoyed a blackberry margarita. Stay tuned!

At Bee Inspired, one of our best selling raw honey is Blackberry Honey! Remember, none of our honey is flavored; the flavor differs simply because of what the bees pollinate - in this case, blackberry bushes. The varietal honey comes from the Pacific Northwest and has a uniquely sweet and subtle fruity flavor. We love adding this honey to baked goods or drizzling into tea.

Blackberry Honey in a bed of berries
Blackberry honey on a bowl of fresh-picked blackberries
Blackberry honey ad

Detoxify with Blackberries and Honey

Our Detox Mask contains organic blackberry powder to brighten and smooth the skin. We've formulated this mask to be vegan for our customers who prefer not to use honey on their bodies. For those of us who do, it's simple to mix a teaspoon of the powder detox mask with a teaspoon of our raw Spring honey and enjoy the rewards of using byproducts of nature on the skin.

Detox Mask overhead with blackberries, oats, eucalyptus, and botanicals.
Fresh-made detox mask featuring blackberries

What's your favorite part of summer? Share your photos with us on Instagram using the hashtag #beeinspired so we can see! We always love to see your photos.