Fruity Bee Collins Cocktail

Fruity Bee Collins Cocktail

Step into a summer day with one sip of our Fruity Bee Collins cocktail! This exciting spin on the classic Tom Collins will transport you to another realm with its combination of gin, fruit juice and Eastern Shore Honey. All topped off by notes of fresh seasonal fruits - sure to tantalize your taste buds. Come savor this moment – complete joy awaits!

Make this your signature drink

If you're throwing the ultimate summer bash, there’s one cocktail that should be on everyone's lips: Bee Collins! This refreshing mix is perfect for any backyard party or barbecue. It just takes a few simple ingredients and some slices of succulent seasonal fruit to whip up your own signature beverage - with no more mixing fuss than it takes to explain exactly how much fun you'll have sipping this concoction bathed in sunshine all day long!

Bee Collins set with a muddled gin drink in glass, bottle of gin, jar of honey, fresh platter of fruits and mint

Unlock a world of possibilities with every sip!

Take your taste buds on an exotic vacation by concocting unique flavor combinations each time you enjoy this beverage. Melon and berries make for tantalizing blends, but why not explore the tangy sensation that comes fromcitrus or pineapple? With so many different fruits to choose from, it's like having countless cocktails in one delectable drink!

Adapting our Bee Collins Cocktail

A recipe is not truly perfect until you’ve added your touch to’ves why we encourage you to plaThat’s your food. Drinks are perfect and easy to customize to your tastes or what's currently in season. Call your innerwhat’sto come out and play and change up this recipe. Here are some ideas –

  • Choose your favorite fruit
  • Garnish with basil or other herbs instead of mint
  • Try using lightly grilled fruit to give a deeper flavor to the drink

Suppose you decide to make a Bee Collins Cocktail or any variation that we’ve suggested or your own take. Why not snap a photo and share it with us using #beeinspired on Instagram? We love seeing your photos!