eastern shore honey vodka cocktail on table with berries

Elevate Your Happy Hour with This Eastern Shore Honey Vodka Cocktail

The Eastern Shore is an exceptional place to enjoy cocktails, and one of our favorites is The Stinger, a honey vodka cocktail that captures the region's essence. This refreshing cocktail brings together the smooth taste of vodka with the delightful sweetness of honey. Honey enthusiasts know that not all honey tastes the same, and that's why The Stinger is the perfect drink to explore the various flavors. This cocktail will satisfy your senses and will leave you wanting more. 

Eastern Shore Honey Vodka Collins on table with blueberries and a jar of eastern shore honey on the porch table

The Eastern Shore Honey Vodka Cocktail is beautiful and easy to make.

You can make it in minutes with 3 simple ingredients; vodka, honey, and lemonade. We suggest using your favorite vodka, as it adds character to the cocktail. Then, add a dash of honey for a rich and unique flavor. Our Blackberry honey is the most preferred option because of its excellent fruity sweetness that complements the vodka's smooth taste perfectly. However, if you prefer less sweet cocktails, try using Wildflower honey. It has a gentler flavor and sweetness that pairs well with the lemonade. Fresh-sqeezed lemonade gives the cocktail the right amount of sourness, which balances the sweetness of the honey.

To make the drink, add ice cubes to a shaker, then add vodka and honey. Shake the mixture well, then strain and add lemonade. Stir the mixture, and your Eastern Shore Honey Vodka Cocktail is ready to sip.

This cocktail is an opportunity to explore local honey flavors. It's a fantastic way to showcase the herbal and floral flavors of Shoremade honey produced in the Eastern Shore. The cocktail has a unique flavor profile that will charm you instantly, and you might find yourself looking up more Eastern Shore cocktail recipes.

Another way to make the drink more interesting is to add a couple of mint leaves. The fresh and fragrant flavors of the spice elevate the drink's taste and aroma, making it more refreshing and exciting to drink.

Sipping this refreshing cocktail is a fantastic way to experience the Eastern Shore's culinary community spirit. The region's locals are open to experimenting and adopting new flavors, giving rise to eclectic food, beer, wine, and cocktail recipes. Our community has a strong passion for fresh and indigenous flavors, an ethos that is reflected in their honey production. It's such an honor to be able to sample honey from small scale beekeepers.

honey sticks

Adapting this Eastern Shore Vodka Cocktail

Recipes are meant to be inspiration. That’s the way we see it. Don’t feel like you have to make this Honey Vodka Cocktail exactly the way our recipe shows. Drinks are the perfect thing to experiment with based on your tastes. Try something different, or change it up based on the season. Here are some ideas in case you need a little boost with adapting this recipe:

  • Add some blueberries, or a combination of your favorite berries, and muddle them into the mix to add color and flavor.
  • Use a fruity or botanical infused vodka, if you don't like plain vodka. Choose a flavored vodka that pairs well with honey and the garnish of your choice.
  • Can you imagine making Raven Tea and adding it to the mixer? That would be so good!
  • Why not add a few slices of fresh sliced ginger to the mix?

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This Honey Vodka Cocktail is an easy-to-make, refreshing drink that will leave you enchanted and intrigued by the delicious flavors of honey. It captures the essence of the Eastern Shore's culinary community and passion for fresh and unique flavors. It's perfect for those who enjoy the sweetness of honey and the smoothness of vodka. So next time you want to enjoy happy hour, mix yourself a Stinger, and take a sip of the Eastern Shore's rich and distinctive flavors.

If you make this vodka cocktail or try your own variation of it, be sure to take a photo and share them with us using #beeinspired on Instagram. We love seeing your photos!