Honey Peaches: Grilled to Perfection

Honey Peaches: Grilled to Perfection

Summer is finally here and with it comes an abundance of delicious fruits ripe for the picking. There’s nothing quite like indulging in juicy, sweet fruits on a hot day – especially when they’re transformed into delectable desserts. Luckily, it is peach season - and there’s almost nothing as juicy and sweet as a ripe peach!

Grilled Peach Dessert for Everyone

If you’re someone who loves fruit desserts, then get ready to elevate your taste buds with this mouth-watering recipe for the best grilled peaches with honey. Grilling peaches not only intensifies their natural sweetness but also gives them a smoky flavor that pairs perfectly with the rich and aromatic qualities of honey.

Imagine biting into a warm, caramelized peach sprinkled with fresh herbs and drizzled with luscious honey, paired with creamy ice cream - now doesn’t that sound heavenly? Get ready to impress your friends and family at your next summer cookout or simply treat yourself to this irresistible dessert whenever you want a touch of sweetness in your life. So fire up the grill and let’s dive into making these succulent grilled peaches with honey!

Grilled Peaches Recipe

Take advantage of summer’s peach harvest by trying these grilled peaches with honey. Heat grill to medium-high before placing the peaches on it. Using fresh, ripe peaches is essential for the best flavor. Caramelized on the grill with our Eastern Shore Honey, the fruit becomes soft, warm, and pairs perfectly with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Brown sugar is normally used for grilled fruits, but we think that honey works so much better. On the heat of the grill, it melts into the fruit and works with the natural sugars in the peaches to caramelize the outside surface. If the grill is hot enough, you’ll even get a little char on the fruits that contrasts beautifully with sweetness. Grill marks indicate the peaches are perfectly grilled, adding a visually appealing presentation.

Nice grill marks created on our juicy peaches from the grill grates and honey!

Buying organic, fresh peaches is important for this recipe since you’ll be eating the skins. Peaches are one of the dirty dozen fruits that hold on especially tight to the pesticides that may be used in their production, so you will want to avoid conventionally grown ones when possible.

How to make grilled peaches with honey

  • Cut peaches in half and remove the pit. Brush the sunflower oil or coconut oil onto the cut sides of the peach half and drizzle with some honey.

  • For indoor grilling, use a grill pan. Oil the pan and place the peach halves cut side down. Cook for about 2-3 minutes until grill marks form from the grill grate.

  • Set grill to medium heat.

  • Place peach halves cut side down, onto the grill. Cook for just a minute or two and flip.

  • After flipping the peach halves, drizzle the cut sides with a little more honey and sprinkle with cinnamon. Finish cooking until peaches are tender.

  • Serve warm with vanilla ice cream or plain Greek yogurt. Best when you serve immediately after cooking.

For the perfect pairing, consider making your own peach and honey ice cream using an affordable and durable ice cream maker.

If you use coconut oil on your grilled peaches, be aware that it has a low smoke point.

Grilling peach halves really intensifies their sweetness and juiciness. For this recipe to work best, pick out some fruits that are firm but ripe with just enough give and aroma. If the peaches are too ripe when you grill them, they’ll fall apart in the heat and nobody wants their dessert to go up in flames!

Tupelo honey next to honeycomb

Grilling peaches with Tupelo honey sounds delicious!

Adapting our Fresh Peaches

You know, a recipe is not truly perfect until you’ve added your own touch to it. That’s why we encourage you to play with your food. Call to your inner chef to come out and play and change up this recipe. Here are some ideas –

  • We recommend using mild honey to let the sweetness of the grilled peaches shine through.

  • Top with toasted chopped nuts, or even other summer fruits like fresh blueberries.

  • Grill some plums or nectarines with the peaches.

  • Sprinkle some dried basil on the peaches instead of cinnamon.

  • Use your favorite type of ice cream to top off the grilled peaches.

  • Drizzle maple syrup as a vegan alternative to honey.

  • Serve with vanilla yogurt or plain Greek yogurt to make this more of a healthy dessert.

  • Top with whipped cream, or try flavored whipped cream like cardamom whipped cream.

  • Drizzle with extra honey and add fresh mint for garnish.

  • If you don’t have sunflower or coconut oil, olive oil works just as well.

  • Try adding a little brown sugar to the peach half before putting it on the hot grill for extra sweetness and crispiness.

  • Incorporate dark chocolate into your daily routine by adding a few pieces on top of the grilled peaches.

Warm grilled peaches are a delicious and healthy summertime treat. Grilling caramelizes the natural sugars of the peaches, intensifying their flavor and juiciness. Interested in starting your own garden? Keep the peach pits and work on growing your own peaches!


    Don't Forget Vanilla Ice Cream

    It's safe to say that easy grilled peaches with honey are the perfect summer dessert. Not only is this recipe easy to make, but it also offers a healthier alternative to traditional sugary desserts. By using honey as a substitute, you not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also enjoy the added health benefits of this natural sweetener. Plus, grilling the peaches enhances their natural sweetness and adds a smoky flavor that goes perfectly with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. But don't just take my word for it, try making this dish yourself and customize it to your liking by adding your favorite toppings or serving it alongside other seasonal fruits.

    Whether you're hosting a BBQ or simply looking for a delicious way to cool down on a hot summer day, these grilled peaches with honey are sure to impress and leave your tastebuds craving more. So what are you waiting for? Follow our recipe and make these juicy and flavorful grilled peaches with honey today! Trust me, your taste buds will thank you.

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