Honey Pepper Fresh Figs

Honey Pepper Fresh Figs

Erin Gleeson shared this Honey Pepper Fresh Figs recipe in honor of our fig harvest. When I arrived here yesterday I grabbed a handful and ate them right off the tree! What a treat. Tomorrow, when the next handful ripens, I'll be whipping this up in minutes. (that's what I love about Erin's recipes: simple, clean, healthy, easy fixing) You can enjoy more of her recipes in her cookbook, The Forest Feast.

It's that "fresh figs" time of the year again on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Our Fig tree offers fresh figs each day by the handful.

Fresh figs right off of the tree

This recipe is so easy all you need to do is follow the picture! I love recipes like this, where you just see what's in your fridge and pull it all together quickly. With busy days and being really limited on spare time, recipes like this help spark creativity under fire!

Fresh Figs honey, pepper and a little feta cheese. It's like heaven on earth.


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Erin Gleeson
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