Honey Pumpkin Roll

Honey Pumpkin Roll

To us, nothing says fall quite like a pumpkin roll; comforting and indulgent and a special treat, although we always go back for a second (and third) slice. Something about a pumpkin roll is just so warm and cozy. Maybe it's how dense the cake is, or maybe it's the warm spiced goodness of the pumpkin. But who cares about the specifics? Our Honey Pumpkin Roll will instantly have you hooked! Picture this pumpkin roll for your Halloween celebrations; your guests will gobble it up.

Honey Pumpkin Roll made with Bee Inspired Honey

This pumpkin roll has a balance of flavors not to overwhelm your taste buds with too much pumpkin spice. The decadent cream cheese filling and light cake are a perfect pair. You might have to make two to make sure you get a piece!

Getting a pumpkin roll or any rolled cake right can be tricky. The biggest issue is ensuring that the cake doesn't over or underbake or stick to the paper. If the cake isn't done or is overdone, it won't roll nicely. A little spritz of cooking spray will help keep the cake from sticking to the parchment paper, but you'll get a feel for what you need after you bake one of these up.

We're literally on a roll with this one.

We encourage you to play with our recipes and make them your own. Add in a few ingredients for an even better autumn treat:

  • Toss walnuts or almonds over the batter before baking
  • Add vanilla chips to the cake
  • Mix in a swirl of honey to the cream cheese filling
  • Use Cashew Cream icing instead of cream cheese for a dairy-free option

If you bake up this Honey Pumpkin Roll, post a picture and use the hashtag #beeinspired on Instagram. We love seeing your photos!