Chamomile Lavender Tea Recipe: How to Make It

Chamomile Lavender Tea Recipe: How to Make It

These days, we all seem a little too stressed. Chamomile lavender tea is caffeine-free and great for winding down from a busy day - the perfect nighttime tea. Together, lavender and chamomile are gentle yet powerful and have been used for thousands of years. This tea helps reduce stress by settling your nervous system and calming your digestive system. Even more, lavender promotes relaxation, and chamomile eases tension and supports digestion. Steeped in flavor, this recipe is not too sweet or bitter.

This Lavender Chamomile Tea is sure to quench your thirst.
Homemade Lavender Chamomile Tea with Bee Inspired Honey

First, here’s a little bit about the history of cold tea. Indeed, the commercialization of iced tea was born out of necessity. At the 1904 World’s Fair, the temperatures were insanely hot, and people weren’t interested in their commonly preferred hot drinks, which is when iced tea first became popular.

How to Make Lavender Chamomile Tea

  • Boil water, pour over six tea bags, or if using our loose-leaf Good Night Tea, follow the instructions that came with steeper.

  • Allow lavender and chamomile tea to steep for 10 minutes. Add dried lavender buds to the tea. Remove tea bags or steeper.

  • Use a tea ball or tea strainer to steep the tea.

  • Add honey and lime.

  • Add vanilla extract for added flavor.

  • Garnish with mint or dried lavender.

  • Allow to cool and enjoy. For a creamy and soothing drink, use warm milk.

    Above all, we like to use our Blueberry Honey for this recipe. Also, using berries as a garnish gives a little surprise to the end of your drink-drop a few blueberries or raspberries on top of the ice.

    Our Good Night Tea is an excellent loose leaf tea that is caffeine free that you can use for this recipe - all you need to do is add boiling water. A blend of Chamomile, Linden Flowers, Spearmint, Rose Petals and Lavender Buds is delicious served cold or hot.

    Adapting our Lavender Chamomile Tea Recipe

    A recipe is not perfect until you’ve added your touch. With this in mind, we encourage you to have fun with your drinks! So, here are some ideas to make this drink just the way you like it:

    • Mix in your favorite fresh herbs to the brew

    • Add your favorite berries to the tea

    • Make ice cubes out of the tea, so you always have some on hand

    • Muddle in fresh or dried mint in the brew

    • Use almond milk as a dairy-free alternative for a creamy texture

    • Use this tea in the bath at night (in a tea bag) to get a restful night of sleep

    Lavender helps balance blood sugar, stabilize moods, soothe nerves, and kill bacteria.

    The Good Night Tea blend includes chamomile flowers and lavender flowers, creating a traditional sleep aid. Emphasize the use of natural ingredients in your herbal tea blends for the best results.

    This lavender chamomile tea can also be used as a lavender sleep aid, promoting relaxation and improving sleep quality. Lavender tea is a calming bedtime beverage, often paired with chamomile, raw honey, and vanilla for a soothing drink. We all need our beauty sleep!


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