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The Power of the Rose

Can you recall the heady fragrance of roses?  Close your eyes. What memory does it evoke for you?

For me, I transport instantly to youthful summers in Maine with my grandparents. My grandmother was an avid gardener, and her rose garden was a beloved destination for all the neighborhood kids – partially because my grandmother showered each of them with attention and care, and partially because her garden smelled so good! Even as kids, the fragrance of the roses filled us with joy. That experience stayed with me into adulthood

When I purchased my first home, it needed a lot of work, inside and out. 

Part of my ambitious vision was to have my own rose garden in celebration of my grandmother, and to be able to relive the joy of her roses in my daily life.  I guess I talked about that a lot, because for my June birthday, my girlfriends each brought a rose bush to my house.  I was able to have an instant garden of rich colors and fragrances. It was heaven. I coddled each bloom and always had cut roses in my bedroom, so their magical fragrances surrounded me.

As I moved into the world of bees, I learned about the special relationship of bees to roses, and now appreciate them more than ever.

Roses emit their tantalizing fragrance to attract pollinators (including bees) for their survival.  So, fragrance is not a frivolous element; it is life for the rose. With their spectacular range of colors and rich velvety petals, roses are luxurious and attention-getting, like a strong confident person.

With the growth of Bee Inspired, I knew that one day we'd capture this feeling of timeless beauty and femininity in a bottle.

It has taken me quite a few years to accomplish.  With the help of my team, I've created the Rose Garden Collection - a bath and body collection inspired by those magical summer days spent among roses.

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Each product is infused with notes reminiscent of velvety petals, lightly fruity nuances, and soft spicy aromas - just like Grandma's rose garden! This nostalgic fragrance will transport you back to your own magical experiences with nature’s perfection: roses! Today, every product in our Rose Garden Collection evokes my feelings reminiscent of summers spent among the beautiful blooms. I feel empowered, content, and joyful.

rose garden collection of products from above

This bath and body collection welcomes you to start wherever you choose.

  • Treat yourself to a bath soak infused with organic rose petals, natural rose, and Bulgarian lavender fragrance derived from essential oils, Himalayan salts in various crystals and more.
  • Melt away the stress of the day and relax with the rose garden massage candle designed to offer oil for your body. This candle burns quickly and is designed to melt into an oil for use on the body. It reaches temperature within 8 minutes. It’s not the kind of candle that you burn for an hour; the purpose is to pour the oil onto your hand while your skin is wet to lock in all the moisturizing benefits from plant oil, beeswax, and essential oil. 
  • For your daily routine, let the rose garden scrub and butter work hand in hand to exfoliate and moisturize. I use these two luxurious products once or twice a week to get to release my joy.
  • Adorn your face and neck with rose face oil. It is lightly scented with our rose garden fragrance. While the main ingredient featured is Amazonian lily extract, the light scent of rose and lavender leaves your face feeling protected, moisturized, and enlivened. My brain and my skin thank me every day that I add this step to my skincare routine.
  • TIP: I also run the extra face oil through the ends of my hair to help control fly aways and to provide moisture to dry ends.
face oil on roses

Celebrate yourself with the Rose Garden Collection. Evoke feelings of femininity, timeless beauty, and romance. Captivate your senses with the mythical, mesmerizing fragrance of authentic roses. Whether you are in the Summer Season of Roses, or needing an escape to that Summer place, the Rose Garden awaits you.