Cashew Cream Icing with Honey

Cashew Cream Icing with Honey

Cashew Cream is a hidden secret in many vegan kitchens. It's thick, creamy, and can be made so similar to cream cheese dips and white sauces that you won't be able to tell the difference. Cashews, surprisingly, can be turned into any number of faux-dairy dishes. Cheesecakes, Alfredo sauces, salad name it, and it can be done! This is due partly to the soaking process that we use for the cashews, which makes them soft and blendable.

Cashew Cream with Honey in food processor

You can use cashew cream in any number of ways. We've used this as icing for many of our baked goods since you can sweeten up the basic recipe perfectly for cakes and snack bars. If you want to use this as a sauce for pasta, omit the vanilla, cinnamon, and honey, and add in black pepper and garlic. This would also be amazing on a white pizza!

Do you know why we ask you to soak the cashews in filtered water in the refrigerator overnight? It will make them easier to digest and ultimately provide you with a more nutritious result. Make sure to rinse and drain the cashews after soaking, because the liquid will be bitter after the process. Here, you can read more about the benefits of soaking nuts and seeds.

Storing Cashew Cream

This cashew cream is preservative-free, so it won't keep very long. For best results, use right away, or freeze in an ice cube tray for later use. When freezing your cream, pop the cubes into a freezer bag when solid. If you'd like to make a dip or sauce a few days in advance, just thaw and store in a sealable container in your refrigerator for a week tops.

a bowl of raw cashews for making cashew cream

Adapting our Cashew Cream

This cashew cream recipe is not perfect until you make it yours. Play with your food, and let us know how it goes. Here are some ideas:

  • Double the filtered water and make cashew milk.
  • For savory dishes, leave out the vanilla, cinnamon, and honey.
  • Add in nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavor.
  • Blend in one tablespoon cocoa powder for chocolate frosting.
  • Fold in a few tablespoons of crushed pecans or shredded coconut.
  • Make this cashew cream and frost cupcakes or use it as we did on our Honey Carrot Bars.

If you make a batch of our Cashew Cream, share a photo with the hashtag #beeinspired on Instagram. We love seeing your photos!