Blueberry Ice Cream Made with Honey

Blueberry Ice Cream Made with Honey

We've created this blueberry ice cream in honor of two national holidays. Did you know that today is National Ice Cream Day? And July is the national blueberry month! How well does blueberry ice cream sound? Pretty good, we think, and it only gets better if you add some honey and a little chocolate! Using the bountiful crop of blueberries now in season, we've created this Blueberry Ice Cream recipe made with honey and chocolate chips. Made fresh with local blueberries and Eastern Shore Honey, it's a great way to celebrate summer.

non-dairy honey blueberry ice cream

Pro-Tips for Ice Cream Making

If you aren't vegan, use natural cream; if you are vegan, you're lucky, as the following recipe was designed for you!

When you make ice cream, it's about pockets of work time that lead up to the final masterpiece. You will need at least six hours from start to finish to make this treat. It's a great Sunday project.

In our experience, it doesn't come out as nicely, as the ice cream maker does play a role in the texture of the ice cream. If you don't have an ice cream maker, you can blend all the ingredients according to the instructions and pour it into a wax-paper-lined metal loaf pan, but be sure to cover it with wax paper before placing it in the freezer. It's worth the hassle.

How to Make Blueberry Ice Cream

Step One: Gather ingredients

For this recipe, you only need a handful of ingredients: Cashew milk, fresh blueberries, honey, chocolate chips, and vanilla. As I mentioned, be my guest if you want to swap out natural cream for nut milk. It's delicious and daring.

Step Two: Find your Ice Cream Maker (or get one)

Using an ice cream maker for this recipe makes a difference in the texture and the end product's flexibility, and it will help your process. Consult the directions of your ice cream maker; you may need to freeze the cylinder for 24 hours before making this recipe.

Step Three: Make the cream

In a large saucepan, combine the blueberries, honey, and water; boil. Simmer until the blueberries are softened, strain the mixture, and discard seeds and skins.

Step Four: Cooldown

Cover and allow to cool for about an hour. Stir in cashew milk and vanilla, and add chocolate chips. Refrigerate for at least 6 hours or overnight.

Step Five: Process

Fill the Ice cream maker and process according to the directions. Remove from ice cream maker when firm and freeze in an air-tight container lined with wax paper.

Please note: You will want to remove this Blueberry Ice Cream from the freezer about 30 minutes before serving. Store-bought ice cream contains chemistry that allows us to quickly scoop the product out of the freezer. This is a natural alternative.

Adapting this Recipe

A recipe is not perfect until you add your touch to it. Use natural cream if that's your jam. However a little challenging, but this should be fun! Teach someone how to make this recipe; you may not have to make it next time.

What's your favorite flavor? Here are some ideas to make yours special:

  • If you aren't a chocolate fan, leave the chocolate chips or swap them out for white chocolate chunks or cocoa nibs.
  • Not a cashew milk fan? Try almond, hemp, coconut, or any other plant-based milk (or try natural cream, whole milk, or greek yogurt)
  • Toasted almond slivers or toasted coconut make great additions to this recipe.
  • Serve this ice cream alongside our amazing chocolate truffles.
  • Serve with some fresh berries and chopped mint.