Homemade Ketchup with Blueberries and Honey

Homemade Ketchup with Blueberries and Honey

This recipe for homemade ketchup adds a burst of tangy flavor to any burger you can dream of and is perfect for any time of the year, especially during a summer barbecue. Blueberry ketchup is unique, tasty, and very easy to make with pantry ingredients!

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Blueberry Ketchup

Have you been wondering where ketchup was born?

I know that I was.

So I asked Google where ketchup came from and, surprisingly, it came from China. Traders brought fish sauce from Vietnam to southeastern China, which then became popularized by the British.

The British likely encountered the "ketchup" in Southeast Asia, returned home, and tried to replicate the dark fermented sauce sometime around the 18th century. These replications were typically made with mushrooms or anchovies to mimic the savory taste. Therefore, adding it to flavor soups and sauces became popular, and it turned into a staple ingredient to marinate meats and poultry.

The first tomato ketchup surfaced in the mid 18th century. Ketchup lasted in a sealed jar for a year, is a massive success in the food industry back then. Henry J. Heinz began producing the ketchup we consequently know and love in the year 1876. The popular condiment is in almost every American household today.

I digress. It’s currently blueberry season on the farm, and we’ve been in search of every way to use the fresh berries. This homemade ketchup recipe is the perfect fit.

If it just so happens that you find this recipe in the middle of winter, use frozen blueberries if fresh blueberries aren’t available.

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Why You'll Love This Homemade Ketchup Recipe

  • It's a unique take on traditional ketchup
  • Made with our Eastern Shore Honey
  • Perfect for burgers, sandwiches, and more
  • A fun way to experiment with fruit ketchup

Ingredients & Substitutions

Minced Ginger and Garlic - These aromatics add so much flavor to the overall results.

Olive Oil - You'll need to sauté the minced garlic and ginger in olive oil to begin this honey ketchup. 

Blueberries - Remember that fresh berries are best. That said, as mentioned you can use frozen. Just make sure to thaw them before using in the recipe.

Red Wine Vinegar - For added tang.

Honey - We love our Spring and Blueberry Honey for this homemade ketchup recipe.

Kosher Salt and Pepper - To taste.

Lime Juice - To add a hint of citrus flavor. You can also use lemon juice instead.

Artisan Ketchup - A chef friend of mine recently gave me permission to find shortcuts in cooking. I used off-the-shelf artisan ketchup to make my life a little easier. Apparently, I am not the only one who found it difficult to replicate the texture and the flavor of conventional ketchup, and to sum up, it was necessary (in part) to lift this recipe up

How to Make Blueberry and Honey Ketchup

Step One: Sauté the aromatics

Add the olive oil to a saucepan and heat over medium. Add the minced ginger and garlic and sauté until fragrant, or about 1 minute.

Step Two: Add the other ingredients

Add the blueberries, vinegar, honey, salt, pepper, lime juice, and ketchup to the pan and bring the mixture to a boil. 

Step Three: Let it simmer

Lower the heat and allow the fruit ketchup to simmer until it thickens, or about 30 minutes.

Step Four: Cool and store

Remove the saucepan from the stovetop and let the honey ketchup cool to room temperature. Store it in an airtight container in the fridge, where it will keep for up to 4 weeks. Enjoy!

The sweet and savory depth of flavor found in this blueberry ketchup will surprise you. If I had to bet on it, in short, you will love this recipe.

homemade ketchup recipe with burger, fries, and a jar of honey

Adapting our Blueberry Ketchup

You know, a recipe is not truly perfect until you’ve added your own touch to it. That is to say, we encourage you to play with your food. Call to your inner chef to come out and play and change up this recipe. Here are some ideas:

  • Blend in other seasonal berries.
  • Use this as a marinade for 3-5 hours on chicken breast or duck breast.
  • Glaze your favorite fish filet with this homemade ketchup and lightly bake.
  • Serve on top of beef burgers.
  • Try this ketchup on fries.

Is it Cheaper to Make Your Own Ketchup?

Absolutely! By using basic ingredients and making it from scratch, you'll get a lot more bang for your buck.

Additionally, homemade ketchup allows you to control the quality and quantity of ingredients, making it a cost-effective choice, especially if you can source ingredients at lower prices or grow them in your own garden. We love using our homegrown blueberries, for example.

Can I Adjust the Sweetness and Tanginess of Blueberry Ketchup?

Yes, you can adjust the sweetness and tanginess of this fruit ketchup according to your taste preferences. If you prefer it sweeter, you can increase the amount of honey.

If you prefer a tangier ketchup, you can add a bit more vinegar or even an extra squeeze of lime juice. It's best to adjust these flavors gradually, tasting as you go, until you achieve the desired balance.

How Can I Thicken This Fruit Ketchup if it's Too Runny?

If your blueberry ketchup turns out too runny, you can thicken it by simmering it for a longer time to allow more liquid to evaporate. Another option is to add a small amount of cornstarch or arrowroot powder mixed with water to create a slurry, and then stir it into the ketchup while simmering. Remember to cook it for a few more minutes after adding the thickening agent to ensure it fully thickens.


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