How to Grow Strawberries

How to Grow Strawberries

Learning how to grow strawberries is easy and rewarding. It’s the fruit that signals “summer has arrived.” Do you dream of harvesting juicy, sun-ripened strawberries right off the vine in your own home garden? Imagine walking outside into your backyard oasis and plucking sweet, ripe berries for a breakfast smoothie or homemade strawberry jam that tastes like summer itself. With just a bit of planning, patience, and care, it’s easy to make this dream come true – let’s learn how to grow strawberry plants together! Our community is full of experienced gardeners who are happy to share their stories and advice on getting your berry patch up and running.You’ll find organic strawberries and seeds in many of our Bee Inspired goods.

strawberry bed in bloom
Strawberry blossoms in progress

Now that strawberry season is upon us, it’s the perfect time to plant your crop.

Because strawberries grow so close to the ground and don’t have a “thick skin,” they are often plagued by fungal diseases and pests. In conventional farming, the farmer uses potent pesticides to yield predictable results. When organic strawberry farming, crop rotation may be the answer to avoiding pesticides. Or growing strawberries in container gardens may be the way to go.

We avoid conventionally grown strawberries in every event, and we hope you will too. Strawberries are one of the ubiquitous “dirty dozen” fruits, covered in pesticide residue that is not easily removed by washing them.

Anyone can grow strawberries!

Indulge in the sweet smell of fresh strawberries without sacrificing time or space! These luscious fruits are perfect for busy lives and small yards. Even without lots of land to cultivate, there are many creative ways to grow your own strawberries. Imagine biting into a juicy, homegrown berry that was plucked from your very own garden. If you don't have a green-thumbed friend like Joyce Wallace, consider joining the fun and growing your own strawberries to share with your community.

homegrown strawberries to be used in strawberry recipes
Strawberries growing in a straw pot

The Natural Way to Stop Strawberry Pests

Keeping strawberries off of the ground is the key to avoiding the need for pesticides. Otherwise, the fruits will rest on the soil, allowing insects and other pests to nibble on the berries. Once strawberries grow, learn how to control common pests organically.

Protect your harvest from pesky ground insects by planting them in pots or baskets. Discover easy and efficient ways to grow strawberries using tiered garden containers and innovative growing systems. Join the community of strawberry growers and enjoy the plentiful rewards of your fruitful labor.

How to Grow Strawberries in Hand

How to Grow strawberries organically:

Strawberries in Pot
Strawberry pot

Discover the endless ways to grow your juicy and sweet strawberries! Forget traditional pots and hanging baskets, as you can now explore other unique methods to elevate your gardening game. Take the rain gutter approach! By installing them on your windowsill or deck rail, you can enjoy a bountiful harvest of strawberries without taking up much space. Or, why not try a Vertical Stair Planter that perfectly fits in a narrow and sunny section of your property? A simple google search results in lots of options. Unleash your inner green thumb and share the exciting journey of strawberry cultivation!

Hanging pots with strawberries
Growing strawberries in pots

Mounting an old shipping palette onto a garage or outbuilding wall is a smart option for creating a walled garden filled with berries. Find plans for a DIY Palette Planter that you can make on a weekend afternoon. If you'd like any more ideas, check out these vertical gardening ideas from Country Living.

Who knew that growing strawberries was this simple? Sure, there is a lot of information to learn and keep track of, but nurture your plants with the right material in the right environment and you can be rewarded with delicious fruit. Gardening is all about experimentation, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes; you may end up discovering methods that work better for your unique garden. Plus, getting out and gardening creates community ties as well as giving back to the earth by growing nutrient dense food. Invest in yourself and your garden today. Get inspired, get planting, and watch those sweet strawberries blossom! Please share them with us on Instagram!