Holiday Cookie Recipes Roundup

Holiday Cookie Recipes Roundup

If you are looking for perfect holiday cookie recipes, we think you'll find one here. Cookies seem to be the theme gift this year. We like ours made with honey. While plenty of family recipes are being made and tweaked, there is always room for one more, especially if it's the PERFECT one.

These Cookie Recipes are made especially for you

Namely Marly brings us this recipe for Ginger Cookies; it will surprise you that these cookies contain no milk, eggs, or butter! They are vegan.

I started making gingerbread men anatomically correct to amuse my friends. After a while, I was hooked and spent many hours in the kitchen making these gingerbread cookies as gifts for my friends each holiday season. Carve out a few hours with your family to try this recipe.

I was inspired to modify this recipe from one I found on the kindness diet. I hope you enjoy these delectable treats. They really are delicious, and I don't feel like I am cheating when I eat these Oatmeal Cookies with Dried Fruit.

These honey chai tea cookies are almost like snickerdoodles but different. These cookies are a treat for you and your friends. Try them for your next get-together.

Though not EASY to make, they certainly are worth the effort. You will be surprised that there are no eggs, milk, or butter in this fantastic recipe. These honey cranberry orange biscotti are not hard and dry. You'll enjoy them.

Pick new Holiday Cookie Recipes to share at your cookie exchange.

Do you know about cookie exchanges? You bake one kind of cookie and bring all guests at the exchange a dozen or so to take home with them. They do the same. This event is designed to save everyone time because guests only have to bake one kind of cookie but can share dozens of different cookies with their friends and family! This is something fun to organize with your neighbors or friends at work.

If you want some time-saving tips on baking cookies, we offer these

  • For cookies made with dough that need to be refrigerated, mix the batch of dough before bed and refrigerate overnight; wake up, and half the work is already done.
  • When making cookies containing butter, take the butter out of the refrigerator and place it in your mixing bowl for at least 4 hours before mixing. It will take less time to blend.
  • Set your kitchen up as a production line. Get your utensils out and your ingredients measured and covered before bed. When you wake up, you will feel it's taking far less time.

Just in case you are looking for something to accompany these cookies

This Mexican Hot Chocolate will pair perfectly with these holiday cookies. Enjoy this down to the last drop.

If the spice is out of your range and you are off dairy, no worries; we have this fantastic dairy-free hot cocoa recipe for you to enjoy.

Another companion to holiday cookies is a holiday drink! Try this dairy-free eggnog with gingerbread. It's a perfect pairing and also perfectly timed.

Happy holiday baking from our Honey House to yours!

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