Miso Dressing

Miso Dressing

Savor the umami-rich flavor of Miso Dressing - a staple vinaigrette served in Japanese restaurants. Excite your senses by mixing up this easy, versatile dressing at home. Splash it onto your favorite salad featuring crisp carrots, tangy citrus, and bitter greens, or drizzle it over grilled fish and rice. Share the love with the community by serving up this foolproof dressing - perfect for any dish!!

How to make Miso Dressing

One: Gather Ingredients

It’s so easy to make a miso dressing recipe. First, let’s talk about the ingredients. Because when you see the list, you might see some strange characters. Trust me, these ingredients come together quickly and easily and combine to make the best dressing ever. Check your pantry and your refrigerator for all of the ingredients. You’ll need frozen orange juice concentrate, organic white miso, honey, whole organic lemons, and olive oil.

Two: Mix Ingredients

Combine orange juice concentrate, organic white miso, Bee Inspired Honey, lemon juice, and lemon zest in a measuring cup. Whisk together well. Slowly add olive oil, constantly whisking to emulsify the ingredients together.

Buy Organic whenever possible.

When you buy miso at the grocery store, make sure you buy organic. Soybeans are typically covered in vast amounts of pesticides and chemicals, which are bad for the environment and your health. Buy organic lemons for this recipe as well since it is difficult to remove the pesticides from the fruit rind, which calls for lemon zest.

Since miso is salty, you don’t need to add salt to this dressing. Any extra would make the vinaigrette inedible, so keep that salt shaker to the side! Add chili paste or powder if you’d like to spice this up.

Keep our Miso Dressing around; it will come in handy!

Try this Miso Dressing on top of our Kale Salad!

It used to be that Kale was just a decoration on a buffet table. Today it’s used as a nutritious part of any meal. You have to try this kale salad recipe, and in place of the suggested dressing, use this miso dressing.

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