Orange Season

Orange Season

Late winter is an unusual time of year - it can go from cold to sunny and warm in a day. Snow falls on a Monday, but by Tuesday, it's gone. Being stuck inside with limited activities and no sunshine will wear one down. But, among all this, it's the peak of the orange season, which means I get to enjoy a little bit of sunshine through the grey. That's something I'll take every drop of! And then there is our FLORIDA orange blossom honey. Most Orange Blossom honey on the market today is from Brazil. We pride our ability to source honey from within the USA.

Speaking of winter, late-season cold snaps can wreak havoc on bees and citrus crops. When freezing air reaches deep into the south, the cold can ruin citrus crops in Florida. Orange crops are in grave danger combined with more frequent high-intensity storms and pests. Oranges also rely on bees for pollination, so when brutally cold winters kill off hives, there may be a lack of pollinators come spring.

blossoms and bourbon scrub and butter on marble counter with orange slices and body balm
Our Blossoms+Bourbon Collection is complete with Body Balm, Body Butter, Body Scrub, and Shave Bar Soap.

Orange season means lots of fresh citrus in the grocery store: no more dried-out fruits that go bad in a week come from who knows where. Fresh oranges are a fruit that I always seem to forget about until the winter, probably because it's the time of year when I'm craving summer.

Celebrate Orange Season with Honey

Orange blossom honey is exceptional varietal honey. What is varietal honey? Varietal honey results from a beekeeper paying close attention to what is in bloom and when in the area surrounding their beehives. The hives are positioned in the middle of the blooming crop. Case of our Orange Blossom Honey they are situated in an orange Grove in West Palm, Florida. The bees collect nectar from the orange blossoms, filling the empty honeycomb with orange blossoms. When the orange trees are finished blooming, the beekeeper collects the frames filled with honey and stores them until it is cured and ready to extract.

orange blossom honey on marble counter with orange slices
The bees create Orange Blossom Honey when they pollinate orange groves in Florida.

This stuff is excellent! Floral and warm tastes precisely how orange blossoms smell: very sweet with solid jasmine overtones. I love to put this in my tea because it has a beautiful buttery texture and adds a beautiful aroma to my drink. It's also ahh-ma-zing smeared onto toast and over top of overnight oats.

You can also enjoy this honey in our Raw Honey Sticks. These are perfect if you're a big tea drinker at work: keep a box on your desk for a no-mess sweetener. Keep them around for sore throats, too!

orange honey sticks on marble with orange slices
Orange Honey Sticks are perfect for a cup of tea. Keep them at your desk, in your bag, or in your kitchen for sweetness wherever you go.

In honor of the season, we’ve gathered this collection of orange blossom honey recipes for you to enjoy.

Whenever we do a fair or a craft show, we find that each region gravitates toward a particular variety of honey. We often sell out of Orange Blossom Honey at our Honey House; we think it's because the folks in our area enjoyed this varietal honey in their youth. It's so much fun to taste honey with our guests and watch their faces as they take in the nectar, appreciate every note, and when they hit the one honey that sends them to the moon, we pack them up with a special jar and see them again and again for more.

If you're looking for ideas on using Orange Blossom Honey, let's start with a cocktail. We call this one the Blossoms+Bourbon Cocktail; convenient, right?!

A nice salad with citrus miso salad dressing is a beautiful way to celebrate oranges and salad.

This Honey Citrus Glazed Salmon is oh-so-delicious while being oh-so-easy to prepare.

Biscotti is crunchy and just for dunking in your favorite drink: try one with your next cup of hot chocolate! Use Orange Blossom Honey in our Cranberry Orange Biscotti and enjoy a perfect coffee-time treat. These are even better when you dip them into melted chocolate, trust me, you won't want to share.

Citrus for Inside and Out

Does your skin need a refresher just as much as your mind? Mine does! No matter what I do, winter leaves my skin feeling dry and dull. You can hydrate until the cows come home, but with space heaters and dry air, you might look a little dehydrated.

Kick dry, lackluster skin to the curb with Blossoms+Bourbon: with a sunny perfume and nourishing ingredients, this line is what dull winter skin calls for! The south inspired Blossoms+Bourbon. Sunny mornings, fresh sheets, farmhouse charm, and citrus groves are rolled together in this cheerful, bright line. Fragranced with citrus and geranium bourbon, Blossoms+Bourbon is just as refreshing as a glass of fresh-pressed juice.

"I love this product- it is exactly as described, with a side of sunshine and a twist of orange! It’s just right- a bright, fresh fragrance without being cloyingly overdone. It is my go-to whenever I need a splash of summer."

--Allison C, Bee Inspired customer.

blossoms and bourbon scrub and butter on marble counter with orange slices

First, at the sink or in the shower, use Blossoms+Bourbon Body Scrub to exfoliate and moisturize the skin gently. Made with honey+sugar crystals and nourishing plant oils, this scrub delivers a gently smoothing treatment to the skin. The blend of citrus and geranium bourbon oils is soothing and refreshing, leaving you bright and cheery.

Next, use Blossoms+Bourbon Body Butter to soothe dry skin with a severe dose of hydration. This water-based formula is emulsified with nourishing coconut oil and cocoa butter that lock moisture into the skin. Lightly fragranced to match its partner scrub, Blossoms Butter is delightfully refreshing.

With our Shave Bar Soap, you can also enjoy the pleasant fragrance of Blossoms+Bourbon. Formulated to be safe on the face and body, this bar soap lathers with rich sulfate-free suds to give you a smooth, close shave. This bar does double duty by cleansing the skin as well! Keep a bar at your sink, and enjoy softer skin with every use.

shave bar soap with orange slices on counter

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