Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Valentine's Day gifts for her can be difficult to find if you want to stand out. Romance isn't just chocolate and red roses. Bouquets are so last year! If you want a unique, handcrafted Valentine's Day gift for her, you are in the right place. Our luxe fragrances and skin-loving ingredients will keep her falling in love with you and her own beauty.

We've assembled this list of affordable Valentine's Day gifts for her (and him) that you can snag from $10 up. Show your partner you truly care, and we will help you to sweeten their day! Don't worry - we've got you covered from head to toe.


Woman getting ready for a date

From Cupid’s Spa

Our spa collection of products is just as romantic as - and WAY more unique than -  any bundle of flowers. From butters and scrubs to bath soaks and masks, these delicate products were definitely designed with love in mind.

Face Her Beauty

Our collection of facial products will be sure to keep her glowing. Our Rose Garden Face Oil will keep her skin feeling soft and radiant. Perfumed with rose and lavender, she won't even need any flowers this year. 


Person drips face oil onto their hand

To bring her a full at-home facial experience, check out our Fit For a Queen Gift. With a scrub gentle enough for her face, a mask that absorbs unwanted oils and grime, a moisturizing honey, and a hydrating lip balm, she will know she's a queen! To make the experience even more special, offer to give her a facial with her new products yourself - or even relax and use them together!

Peace of Mind massage candle oil poured onto a woman's hands

Love Her Body

Massage Candles are a must have for this romantic holiday experience. Our blend of skin-safe, all-natural ingredients transforms into a luscious massage oil when the candle melts. Just pour the oil onto your partner's skin, and treat them to a blissful massage. Enhance the experience with a bath and our soak beforehand, to ensure ultimate relaxation.

If you're still hung up on the chocolate, we have the perfect gift for you. Our Chocolate Covered Strawberry Gift will certainly make the day sweeter. Containing Wild Strawberry Scrub, Haute Cocoa Butter, and Strawberry Lip Gloss, she will truly have a full-body treatment.


Haute Cocoa Body Butter and haute cocoa candle

Kiss Her Lips

Make her lips stand out this year with our Sweet Lips Honey Lip Tints. Available in 7 different shades, these tints will add a slight pop of color to her look while still highlighting her natural beauty. Our organic blend of butter, oil, and honey will provide soothing moisture to her lips.

For the full lip-pampering experience, get her our Honey Kiss Lip Care Kit. This kit includes a one-of-a-kind cosmetic bag, our award-winning lip scrub, both of our lemon and strawberry lip glosses, and our plastic-free honey lip balm. Plus, as a bonus, we've included one of our honey lollipops and a mystery gift butter. After using this kit, her lips will be absolutely irresistible.

valentine sweetheart martini

For Your Honey

You don't have to skip out on all the sweet treats this Valentine's Day. We have plenty of unique gifts your honey can sip on and taste. With raw, natural ingredients, these gifts will not only taste good, but also make your partner feel good.

Tower Over the Competition

Our tea and honey towers are just the gift to make you stand out to your partner. The Tea for Two Tower contains our Bee's Knees Tea and Raven Tea, along with our three favorite jars of honey. Not sure what kind of honey she prefers? Don't worry! The Honey Tasting Tower contains 5 different kinds of honey. Sweetest gift ever!

Bee Inspired Sourwood Honey and Good Night Tea set up next to each other on a table in front of a mirror and red and pink roses

Sip to Relax

Help your partner relax this Valentine's Day with The Relaxation Tea Set. Containing our Bee's Knees Tea, Beautea, and Good Night Tea, your lover will be glowing inside and out! Need a little extra to help relax? The Mixologist's Tea Set is perfect to help turn ordinary drinks into on-of-a-kind creations. Featuring our Raven Tea, Midnight Berry Tea, and Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea, this set explodes with color and flavor.

Emily holding a cup of Bee Inspired Midnight Berry Tea

The Berry Best Gift 

Satisfy your lover's palette with the Berry Delicious Tea and Honey Trio. This gift is the ultimate tea and honey pairing experience we've crafted yet. With three different honeys and three different teas, these natural flavors come together like a romantic waltz in your mouth.   

Love Is In The Air

Set the mood this Valentine's Day with our hand-crafted soy candles. Each scent is different and beautiful, sure to please your partner's senses. Our Garden Candle Set is a perfect replacement for an ordinary bouquet - smelling better and lasting longer, too.


Bee Inspired Luxe Candle lit on a table in front of a mirror, next to a full tea cup, and surrounded by red rose petals

The Ultimate Love Experience

Can't decide which gift your partner will love the most? We've got you covered. Our Experience Love Gift features a combination of all our best Valentine's Day gifts - the best of all worlds. From home fragrance to bath and beauty to tea and honey, your partner will have never felt more loved!

Experience Love bundle with pink and red roses

Valentine's Day is about showing your loved ones you truly care. Whether it's for a friend, family member, or a partner, it is important to find gifts tailored to their interests. Our unique, hand-crafted gifts are sure to help you do just that. Spread your love this Valentine's Day with Bee Inspired!

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