Halloween Skincare

Halloween Skincare

Halloween skincare is going to be essential this fall to avoid spooky skin. A good skincare ritual includes dry masks to protect and prepare your skin for Halloween makeup. You can treat yourself to a DIY dry face mask without having to obsess over skincare products - and without the trick of high expenses! A Halloween face mask skincare treatment once a week can have amazing benefits for how your skin looks and feels.

DIY Face Masks in use

Dry Masks: The Witch's Brew of Skincare

Have you ever considered making your own masks? Mixing ingredients tailored to your skin’s needs?

Dry masks are a great option for Halloween makeup skincare because they offer several benefits:

  • They are customizable
  • They allow you to mix ingredients tailored to your skin's needs
  • They last longer than traditional wet masks
  • They reduce waste
  • They offer a low-cost-at-home spa treatment

For all of the mad scientists out there, treating your face with dry masks that you mix yourself is an alchemic way of looking at skincare. You become the master of your formula, and the possibilities are endless.

Many factors can affect your skin’s condition, such as age, weather, stress, hormones, or lifestyle. With dry masks, you can create a personal blend of ingredients that address a particular issue. It’s like having your own magical potion, but this time, it’s not a fantasy.

The Magic of Dry Masks

The ingredients you mix with will vary based on your skin type and its needs. During the warmer months, much like a vampire, your skin has higher exposure to sun damage, heat and oil production, so formulas that are clarifying, toning, and pore-minimizing are ideal.

With the entrance of fall bringing a new chill into the air, your skin is prone to dryness and depletion of natural oils, needing a formula rich in moisture and hydration. Dry masks offer versatility and adaptability to your skin’s changes, making them a worthy investment in your Halloween skin prep.

We designed our dry masks to feed the skin with nature’s ingredients. All of our masks are hand-mixed in our own lab, and we pride ourselves on offering a no-nonsense, eco-friendly way to practice self-care - without the jump scare of prices. We have three formulas to choose from, each with different benefits and customizable mixing options.

Clarity Dry Mask

Live out your Barbie dreams this Halloween with our pink and beautiful Clarity Dry Mask. This mask is perfect for those with acne or excess oil on their skin. Its pink and white clays help to absorb grime, and the buttermilk powder refines thanks to naturally-occurring lactic acid.

Clarity Dry Mask surrounded by black stones, a branch, and a mixing bowl with a spoon

Sea + Tea Dry Mask

Our Sea + Tea Dry Mask might make you resemble Frankenstein’s Monster while it’s on - but rest assured! Your skin will have never felt more alive afterwards. It will leave your skin feeling young and soft for the perfect Halloween skincare prep. This mask replenishes minerals with a luxurious blend of green tea, seaweed, and clay, unclogging pores and slowing signs of aging.

Sea + Tea Dry Mask surrounded by green stones and a mixing bowl with a spoon

Calming Dry Mask

Want to look like a real-life princess this Halloween? Our Calming Dry Mask soothes dry, dull skin with a masterful combination of oats, lavender, honey, and clay. This hydrating face mask reveals your skin's inner glow.

Calming Dry Mask surrounded by stones, lavender, and a mixing bowl with spoon

Halloween Skincare for Witches and Wizards

Men are often overlooked when it comes to skincare practices, and we believe this shouldn’t be the case. Anyone can struggle with oily skin, sensitive skin, and other skin irritations. Masks are gender-neutral, and everyone can benefit from skin nourishment. In fact, men love it too!

Our dry masks are a unisex solution that promotes a healthy and radiant complexion without the horrors of complicated steps. A few minutes of masking once a week can be a mindful and relaxing ritual for anyone. It’s self-care, not just skincare.

Man looking into a mirror while putting on the Clarity Dry Mask with a brush

Avoid Shelf Life Nightmares

One of the added benefits of dry masks is their longer shelf life compared to traditional wet masks. Since you’re not using any water, you’re not exposing your formula to bacteria, mold, or other contaminants. This aspect not only reduces waste, but also means that you can use your dry mask for much longer, making it a great investment for your beauty regimen. 

We believe that skincare should not break the bank, and we’re excited to offer our customers a sustainable, affordable, and customizable way to mask without harsh preservative systems. As a bonus, you will be able to spend that extra cash on your perfect costume!

Our Dry Mask Potion


  1. Gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin with your favorite cleanser
  2. Mix equal parts of your preferred mask with your preferred mixer
  3. Optional: We suggest mixing your dry mask with our fall Cranberry or Sourwood honey to unlock the magic of honey skincare
  4. Apply an even layer of the mixture to the skin (remember that a little goes a long way!)
  5. Allow the mask to dry completely (about 15 minutes)
  6. Gently remove the mask with warm water
  7. Optional: Massage a drop of our nourishing Face Oil into your skin while still damp
  8. Finish with your favorite moisturizer

By repeating this Halloween skincare ritual once or twice a week, you won’t need to worry about any scary skin!

A woman putting the Clarity Dry Mask on the face of a man with a brush

Halloween Skincare Debunked

Treating your face with dry masks that you mix yourself is an excellent way to promote self-care and nourish your skin. Our hand-mixed formulas allow you to become a skilled alchemist - crafting a personalized blend of ingredients that cater to your skin’s needs.

Our low-cost at-home spa treatment is eco-friendly, unisex, and promotes a healthy and radiant complexion. Masking once a week can be a mindful and relaxing ritual for any monster or ghoul, and with dry masks’ longer shelf life, it’s also an investment in your beauty regimen. Try our Clarity Dry Mask, Sea + Tea Dry Mask, or Calming Dry Mask today and embrace your inner mad scientist! For more Halloween skincare tips, explore our other blog posts.

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